It was the eve of her fifty fifth birthday and she flipped through the dresses hanging in her closet, picking out one that clung to her body like a well worn glove. She walked over to her dresser and opened the drawer with her garter belts and she chose a red one to match the red lace panties she had already laid out on her dresser top.

She moved down two drawers to the bra drawer and she removed her black and red half cup bra and laid it upon her garter belt as she moved to the drawer that contained her black seamed stockings. She then headed back to her closet where her high heels were and she picked out a stunning pair that would show off her legs in those erotic stockings.

She walked across the room and sat down in the beautifully upholstered chair that was positioned in front of the sliding glass door. She turned the chair around so she could look outside and that is when the memories flooded her thoughts. She thought back to how he had tried to play her to find out if she still had his private photos and she thought how little respect he had shown her.

She sat back in the chair and turned the disc over and over in her hand, the disc of death to him and she felt vile, so evil and it sickened her that anyone could push her to the point that made her want to strike back at them. She looked at the disc with disgust and in a split second she broke it in half and then into quarters.

This was her birthday present to him, his freedom from fear that she would contact his wife, his family and expose a part of him that no one knew about. He had a kinky sexual side to him which his wife was totally unaware of and he so wanted to be with a woman who would allow him to be himself sexually as well as in other ways.

This woman, the woman who had held his interest for years was the woman who not only would accept him for who he was but she would encourage him to explore the side of himself that he had kept hidden. These two where like a hand and glove yet they had never met, never spoken but they needed each other so badly to grow, to explore the world, to share themselves because they were meant to be one.

She got up from the chair and headed to the paper shredder and she shredded the four quarters of the disc, never to mention it again and never to see his naked body again. She refused to settle for pictures and she would only accept him in person, naked in front of her and vulnerable to show his true desires to her.

They would be together one day and they both knew that day was coming and that is when they would experience the best sex either had ever had and the best friend either had ever had as well. She wanted him to explore other women before he came to her and she wanted him to taste other women because when he finally tasted her he would know it would be the taste that he would keep coming back to over and over.