He did everything he could to keep her attention including posting new pics of himself on social media several times a month. There was no denying that he had aged gracefully and the crows feet only added another layer of beauty to his face and beautiful green eyes. He had searched the world over for a woman who inspired him, sexually excited him, mentally challenged him and desired to be with him for himself and nothing more.

She was the woman he desired and he had a push pull relationship with her as he pushed her away and then pulled her to him. He wanted this woman but she had had enough of his games and she had even deleted herself from sites in hopes that he would leave her be and then she would go back and rejoin the sites hoping to meet someone who would make her feel like a sexual and sensual woman.

It had been five long years and he had been so unhappy in his marriage and he also knew that this woman would not continue to wait for him to decide if he wanted to be with her or not. She was moving on, leaving him behind even though her heart told her to wait she just could no longer allow him to keep her from being loved.

If he wanted to be with her he needed to communicate this to her up front and not through fake profiles or bullshit games. They belonged together no matter how hard both of them had tried to deny it and they would be together soon enough without either of them even being aware of it. Soulmates come together when the time is right and no they cannot change the path that they walk.

She would chat with men never knowing for sure if they were real or him playing with her and she had done everything she could to push those away that showed an interest in her. She would lie to them about everything from her desire to do nothing but go shopping to being sexually naive and looking for someone to take care of her financially.

All of this was so far from the truth but she didn’t care she would lie in hopes that the person would lose interest in her and move on. Paul claimed to love her and liked her but he had crossed the line speaking ill of “him” so she deleted herself from that site only to rejoin so she could keep chatting with another guy that she really liked.

If “he” wouldn’t come to her then hell she would stay occupied with someone who she liked to chat with and she would continue to look for someone who excited her and kept her interest. Mr. green eyes was losing her without even knowing it and yes she was moving on even if it was slowly she was moving on in hopes of finding real love.