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He wanted her to dress the part of his dom and so off they went shopping for the perfect clothing for their playtime together. They chatted about everything under the sun and that included the sex toys that they enjoyed or wanted to try. Heading off to the new local sex shop that had just opened he was impatient to get there and see what they had to offer.

They entered the store and he was immediately drawn to a ladies black latex outfit that he wanted to see her in so bad that he got rock hard just looking at it. He could just imagine her standing over him ordering him to do the unspeakable wearing this lovely outfit so of course he asked her if she would wear it for him if he bought it for her and of course she said yes.

He saw another outfit that drove him as wild as he smelled the leather and could imagine her wearing the matching black thong and stockings. He could envision her with a cat o nine tails slapping it against his bare ass as she ordered him about like the dog he was. This woman drove him nuts and buying new toys and things to play with just excited him even further.



They continued to shop and picked out a glass dildo, dog collar, weights for the penis and various other toys that made him get excited just thinking about them playing. She told him he had been a very bad boy getting an erection in the store and she was going to use a strap on and lube up his ass and fuck him until he begged her to let him cum.

They headed back to his place where she made them a delicious lunch of ceasar salad with grilled chicken and they split a bottle of wine as they laughed and joked about different things. He asked her if she would put on the catsuit and let him see her wearing it and she complied. As she walked towards the bathroom she ordered him not to touch himself or he would be sorry and he did as she told him.

She came out of the bathroom with the catsuit on and he could see her erect nipples trying to push through the fabric and he imagined her pussy getting wet and warm in the suit. He asked her if he could touch her and she refused him and ordered him on his knees and then she picked up the dog collar and put it around his neck.

She ordered him to stand up and she removed his clothes and she put the cock weight on his erect cock and she pulled down on the weight until his cock pointed to the floor. He was so damn hard he couldn’t wait to cum as she made him so fucking hard just thinking about her and that drove him insane. She walked over to the table and put one foot up on the chair and undid the snaps around her crotch and ass to make the catsuit crotchless.

He was ordered to raise his arms over his head and she walked toward him with a glint in her eye telling him the best was yet to come. She tied his hands and put the hook through the rope and raised the rope until he was standing on his toes with his erect cock lifting the weight. She walked back to the chair and once again placed her foot on the chair and she began to stroke her pussy as he watched.

He begged her to let him taste, to lick, to fuck her and she told him he was to bad and would have to be disciplined for his words. She picked up the cat o nine tails and lashed his ass several times which stung but damn it made his cock want to explode. She then forced him to bend over and she lubed up his ass and inserted the butt plug and the deeper she went the closer he came to orgasm.

She then picked up the dildo and walked over to him releasing his hands and she told him to lube her ass and insert the dildo. She bent over and spread her cheeks for him and he applied the lube and then slowly entered her ass with the dildo. As he entered her ass she began to stroke her clit and the deeper he went the more she began to moan.

She ordered him not to touch any other part of her body and not to cum but he couldn’t help himself as he snuck his finger into her wetness as she continued to stroke her clit and him fucking her ass. She came like he had never heard a woman cum before and this made him shoot his wad all over her ass and lower back. 

She ordered him to lick her back and ass clean then lick her wet crotch and when he licked her crotch she began to have another orgasm that made him want to fuck her so bad. She told him his cock was not good enough to enter her and then she picked up the phone and told someone to come to the door. She walked over to the door and let a guy in he had never seen before and she kissed him and let him touch her while her dog had to watch.

The guy removed his clothing and spun her around and told her he was going to fuck the shit out of her as he forced her to bend over the back of the couch. The guy rubbed his cock on her wet pussy and then thrust into her making her dog stand and watch and as he began to stroke his cock she ordered him to stop. The other guy continued to fuck her and as she began to cum he stopped and lubed up her ass and entered her slowly while bent over her stroking her clit.

Her dog snuck and touched himself and she stopped the other guy and walked over to him and slapped him across the face and then slapped his hard cock. Then she had him get on his knees and come over to the other guy and forced him to suck his cock as she watched with pleasure. His cock throbbed wanting nothing more than to relinquish its contents but she would not allow this pleasure.

As he sucked the cock she told the guy to cum all over her dogs face and that is exactly what he did. He shot his hot wad all over the dogs face and chin and she ordered him to lick it off his lips and chin which he did with delight because she had promised to let him cum when he was finished. He finished rather quickly and then she allowed him to stroke his cock until he shot his wad which was a huge amount of cum for one man.