She had fantasized for years about the taboo sexual subject of s & m and being a dominatrix. She enjoyed the  power in the bedroom or any other room for that matter and she enjoyed feeding her kinky side. She had never met a male that was interested in such play and she had always felt that sharing this side of herself with anyone would put her in a poor light in their eyes.

She had finally met that one guy she could really be herself and he also enjoyed being dominated sexually which was so exciting for both of them. She was never going to let this man fuck her but she would enjoy teasing him and inflicting a mild amount of pain for him to gain pleasure. He was so willing and he treated her so well at the same time which made it a win win situation.

Both of them were open to trying new things sexually and they both enjoyed trying new sexual toys and devices which lead to some of the best orgasms either had ever experienced. Neither one of them were against bringing in a third party to liven up their sex life and both of them respected and trusted each other enough to go that extra mile of kinkiness.

She never hurt him or degraded him beyond his expectations and she would never do such a thing to him either. They both enjoyed her dominating him in and out of the bedroom as he did whatever she asked of him. He was her slave and she would tease him unmercifully which he absolutely loved and even at dinner she would tease his cock under the table and even bend over and give it a lick or two which made him want to shoot his wad right there.

She would sit across the table from him and slide her hand down her blouse and make him watch as he pinched her nipple and gave a small cry of pleasure. He was left to do nothing but watch and get harder and harder. She would drop her fork under the table and order him to pick it up and as he bent down she knew he would be sneaking a peek between her legs and so she would give him a view.

She also would drop her napkin under the table and order him to pick it up and she would be removing her panties and playing with her clit which kept him under the table longer than usual and that would force her to order him to sit up. He so enjoyed her as she was fun and open and never passed judgement on him or his desires.

She would masturbate right there at the dinner table without anyone knowing but him and she would lean forward and take his hand and suck on his finger to keep herself from screaming out when she came. She was such a delight and it was a good thing that he loved fruit because she would place a banana into her vagina and force him to eat every bit of it.

This woman was his angel, his dream, his everything and he would do whatever he had to too keep her in his life even if she wouldn’t let him fuck her. He would do whatever she ordered and he would do it over and over because there was so much sexual pleasure to gain from the time she gave him. She was a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul and she wanted nothing from him which was so odd as most women had used him and he was so glad to be blessed with such a woman as she.