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It was a beautiful Wyoming night and they had worked around the ranch all day repairing fences, chasing rogue cows and they had even delivered a calf by midday. They rode back to the ranch chatting about the days events and they looked forward to a hot bath and meal and a good nights rest. He was the perfect specimen of a man, a cowboy, a stud and the women were so turned on by him.

No one would have ever expected what he hid from the world except the one woman who fed his erotic fantasies and kept his world fun and exciting. They rode side by side and he wondered how he had ever lived without this woman and whatever would he do if she were to disappear from his life. They rode up to the house and dropped the reins and walked into the house looking forward to removing their boots.

He held the door open for her and as she sat down he hurried over to remove her boots for her and rub her sore feet. He massaged her feet as they chatted and nobody was none the wiser that he was her bitch, her sissy man. Under his jeans and shirt he wore a maids outfit and her dirty panties. He loved the thought of wearing her dirty panties and begged her to wear the same pair for days.

He loved chewing on the crotch and the taste of her piss and cum accumulation turned him on so much. They headed up to the bedroom and she allowed him to remove his outer clothing and she ordered him to remove her panties as well. He was ordered to draw her a bubble bath and she loved the view into the bathroom as she saw his naked ass, balls and cock hanging freely.

She asked him to come into the play room and she handcuffed him and hooked him onto the wench and pulled him up until he was on his tiptoes. She then put on the nipple clamps and the ball weights and she started flogging him and telling him his cock wasn’t worthy of her pussy. He begged her to let him fuck her and she refused but she did bend over in front of him and removed her panties so he could see her lovely ass and shaved pussy from behind.

He wanted to taste that ass and her juices and his cock throbbed to enter her wetness but she wouldn’t let him have any of it. She got out the paddle and paddled his ass until he was beet red. Then she put the dog collar on him and wrapped a thin leather strap around his balls and pulled it tight and hooked the end of the strap to his collar.

She told him to walk to the window and every time he moved his balls would be pulled up even tighter but he so loved the pain and pleasuring her and his cock so wanted to be sucked he just couldn’t wait to cum. She let him sit down and she kneeled in front of him and began to massage his feet as she spoke softly to him and in  a loving voice.

You my dear have a present waiting especially for you,yes you have earned such a gift and I do believe you will see how much you mean to me when I give it to you. He was so excited as he had never received a gift from her before and this wasn’t expected in the least. She then had him follow her over to the sex swing and she had him sit down and put his feet in the stirrups.

She put on her strap on and she told him she was going to shock him and fuck him so hard his cum would hit the ceiling. Damn he was so excited and true to her word she drove that huge black cock into him and she shocked his balls and cock at the same time. This was pure hell but the type of hell he so enjoyed and the further she drove the strap on into his ass the more he got turned on.

He begged her to let him cum and she told him he could come to the edge but do not let lose and of course he did as she said. She edged him three times before allowing him to cum into a jar. She had made him cum in the jar all week and it was almost overflowing and he had a sneaky suspicion she was going to make him drink the entire jar.

She removed all of the visible toys and ordered him to help her step into the tub and bathe her. He took the sponge and washed her face, chest, crotch, ass, legs then her feet. He kissed her feet and worshipped her as he washed her hair and fingered her ass and pussy as she ordered. She stood there and her entire body shuttered as she came.

He helped her out of the tub and dried her off then dressed her and then put on his maids uniform without the panties and slid back into his jeans and shirt. She walked downstairs with him following like a puppy and she headed out to the barn. In the corner of the barn she allowed him to wear nothing but his maids uniform and he massaged her back and her feet and she allowed him to eat her pussy and finger her ass until she squirted all over his face.

She then allowed him to fuck her on all fours and then fuck her ass and he shot his hot cum twice into her luscious body. She then stood up and removed his maids uniform and then she put the handcuffs on him on the wooden cross. She had his hands and feet shackled and she slapped his limp cock hard which made him hard and wanting to feel her slap him again and again.

She flogged his sides and ass and this made is cock purple with pleasure and desire and she then brought out her new toy that she had special ordered just for this occasion. She had it plugged in for sometime and she told him she owned him and she was going to brand him with her initials to prove it. He wasn’t prepared for the amount of pain he felt when she placed the brand against his ass but he could smell burning flesh.

She had her initials branded into his ass and she took a tube of Neosporin and covered the brand to avoid infection. His domme was so good to him and he just didn’t  to feel such love and affection from her. He would do anything to keep her happy and he began to cry as he was overtaken by emotion of love for his domme.