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 My Mistress/Keyholder told me to strip Blindfolded me put me in a straight Jacket and had me kneel on the floor whilst she got dressed I had no idea what she would wear every now and again she would brush her foot or Hand or leg against my Locked Cock. Finally she told me she was going to use me as her Fuck Toy (oh yes I thought) and added that my pathetic Sorry excuse for a Cock would never satisfy her so she slipped a Strap on over my Cage whilst I was laid on the floor in the straight Jacket feet bound together with a Dildo gag she made me pump her as she sat over me I had to make her orgasm several times then she got off took the strap on off me and put it on her.

For me to lick and suck clean than If she was satisfied enough I would be allowed to cum (how she determined) she unlocked my cock and poured some lube over it and got him Hard then Said she was going to do the 10 stroke challenge 1 stroke up and Down for every Number up to 10 If I lasted till 10 I gt to Orgasm if not I might get a ruined orgasm I nodded and she began I got to 9 and after nine strokes she let go and watched me dribble my cum out without the orgasm She laughed and left me there frustrated untill i WAS SOFT AND THEN LOCKED ME BACK UP RELEASED ME AND SAID PUT THE KETTLE ON THEN SLUT i WANT A CUP OF TEA.