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His life had been one of pure vanilla, Madagascar vanilla to be exact and he was tired of being the one in control constantly. He ran a mega corporation and he was the boss to literally thousands of people. He had to make decisions that affected so many things in his life from the production of his numerous product lines to quality control and beyond.

He sat in his office secretly fantasizing about being submissive to a strong, controlling woman he wanted, no he needed to be punished for playing with his cock so much. He was a “bathroom boy”. The man who went into the bathroom often to jack off because he was constantly horny and always thinking of pussy.

He thought more about pussy then anything else and the thought of fucking it, eating it, playing with it and smelling it drove his cock into a state of hardness that required to be juiced and juiced often. He so wished he had someone at this very moment just to suck his hard cock but once again a quick trip to the bathroom would have to suffice.

He unzipped his pants and sat on the toilet so he could be comfortable as he masturbated and shoot his cum into the toilet so as not to soil his custom-made suit. He stroked his cock and rubbed his balls as he fantasized about a lovely woman with big tits and a shaved pussy begging him to suck her clit and fuck her.

In his mind’s eye he could see her bent over a couch with legs spread and a throbbing clit begging for his hard cock to penetrate her. He could feel an orgasm starting at his balls and working up his shaft and the more he fantasized the closer he got to a wonderful orgasm.

He thought of fucking her and fucking her hard and then doing her tight ass and then he couldn’t control it as he shot his hot cum into the toilet. Just as he was milking the last drop of cum out of his cock he heard a knock at his office door and he hurriedly pulled up his trousers and headed out of the bathroom.

He told whom ever was knocking to enter and it was his secretary informing him of a visit from a woman who had a proposition for him. This is quite odd and so unorthodox as so many were intimidated by his power and he was never questioned as everyone in his life was an ass kisser.

He agreed to speak with the woman and the secretary rushed her in asking her if she would care for something to drink which she refused. Once the door was closed she walked over to it and locked it and she told him she knew he was in need of a break, a break of power and responsibilities.

He looked at her with shock and dismay as she walked around his desk and grabbed him by his tie. She removed his tie and ordered him to stand up and remove his clothes. He reached out to touch her and she slapped his hand away telling him he was not allowed to touch.

Once he was naked except for his socks she looked at him with disgust and ordered him to remove his sox. From behind her back she pulled out a riding crop which instantly excited him. She slapped his cock with the riding crock and ordered him to turn around as she slipped the ball gag into his mouth and ordered him to be quiet, not one fucking peep she told him.

She handcuffed his hands behind his back and then she applied the nipple clamps and ordered him to bend over his desk. She used the riding crop without an ounce of mercy and then she pulled out a paddle with holes drilled through it to increase the amount of pain as she paddled his ass.

She ordered him to stand up and she increased the pressure of the clamps on his nipples and slapped his cock and balls as if they were toys. She then sat into his chair and he could see her stockings and the hooks of her garter which made his cock grow rock hard as he envisioned fucking her after licking her to an awesome orgasm.

She pulled him towards her and licked the tip of his cock which made it jump with delight and then she slowly sucked his cock until he was about ready to cum and then she stopped. She then had him sit in his chair and she began to suck his toes which shot up his leg and made his cock want to squirt all over.

She had him stand up once again and she undid the cuffs and ordered him to masturbate as she watched. She removed her skirt and panties and sat on his chair with her legs on the arms and she began to masturbate as she watched him. This was a huge turn on for him and she would let him watch and give her head but he was not allowed to sink his cock into her.

As they both began to masturbate she ordered him to edge as she came and he could only watch as he came so close to cumming but stopped as she had ordered. Once she had cum she put her clothing back on and went into her bag and took out the biggest strap on he had ever seen.

She told him to bend over the desk moving his ass away from the desk so she could fuck his ass and bend over and stroke his cock. She lubed up his ass and entered his virgin ass with the skill of a pro and she fucked him which he loved as he had never felt anything like that before.

She bent over and stroked his cock and told him she was enjoying fucking him and how she liked the taste of his cock and how she was in control and he was nothing but a troll to do her bidding for her. She continued to stroke his cock as she talked dirty to him and she made him beg her over and over to cum.

She finally let him cum and he was so grateful to her he would have given her anything she desired. Once she was done with him she ordered him to dress and to continue with his day. He begged to know if he was going to see her again and how could he make arrangements to meet her again.

She walked over to him kissed him on the lips and then bit his lower lip and patted his clothed cock and balls. She dropped her business card on his desk and told him to be good or next time she would inflict much more punishment on him. She told him do not make a pest of himself as she was a woman who was extremely busy with an exclusive clientele and maybe she would allow him to be a regular customer.