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lilithfetishharness_largeHe was in need of discipline and humiliation as he had been very bad and he knew it. His goddess knew exactly how to make him learn to be a better person as she disciplined him in a way that he had never known. He had been a very naughty boy and had begged her to give him a dutiful punishment.

She new exactly what he had needed and she walked over to the drawer and brought out the asanawa and bound his hands together and had him pull his knees into his chest and she tied him with the talent of a Kinbaku master . He enjoyed the feel of the rope and he desired nothing more than to please his goddess.

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She made him feel so desirable and so beautiful as he admired her artwork on his body. One would think that the rope inflicted pain but it did not and the pleasure derived from it was amazing. She walked up to him and told him he was worthless as she hooked the wench to the rope on his back and turned on the wench, lifting him high above the ground.

She slapped his cock hard as she walked around to his face and spit on him telling him he was beyond a worthless fuck, just a slave that didn’t have the common sense to follow the rules properly. He begged her to give him another chance to prove his love for her and she laughed at him as she removed her panties and placed them over his head.

She then picked up her cane and with every blow to his ass his cock got harder and harder and he would beg her to whip him harder and make him learn to listen to his goddess. She took a small break and picked up her flute of champagne as she contemplated what she was going to do next.

She put down the cane and picked up the nipple clamps and attached them to his balls then she saw the paddle that would do nicely on his ass. She paddled him until his ass was so red it actually was considered a new shade and she then moved the urethra plug back and forth on the table.

Finally she dipped it into the c cinnamon oil and inserted it into his cock and the burning was so intense he screamed out like the little bitch that he was. She then began to scratch his back with her claw and he wanted it harder and harder, more intense was the pain with every stroke of her hand.


He so enjoyed the smell of her essence and having her panties on his head made him crazy with delight. She had spent more time than usual punishing and the attention was an aphrodisiac in itself. She tightened the nipple clamps on his balls and she inserted the vibrator into his ass without a ounce of lube.

She turned on the vibrator and she began to masturbate his cock and she could see the pre cum glisten on the head of his cock. He wanted to cum so bad but she had already told him he damn well better not. The vibrator was a major turn on and just as he was ready to let the cum go she stopped and backed away from him.

She lowered him to the ground and untied him and ordered him into the bathroom and into the tub face up. She then stood over him and crouched down and ordered him to be her personal toilet as she pissed into his mouth and then ordered him to swallow every drop.

She did end up shooting piss up his nose which went down the back of his throat and he started to choke. She told him he better gain control or he would be damn sorry as she would replace him with a new sub that new how to worship his goddess. He begged her not to replace him and let him continue to serve her.

She stepped out of the tub and ordered him to follow her into the bedroom and ordered him to get onto his knees and kneel on the rice at the of the bed. The pain was almost unbearable and he just couldn’t stay on the rice for more than a few seconds and every time he removed his knees she dug her high heel into his back and forced him down again.