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She had waited to meet this one particular person her entire life, someone who  was as romantic and sexual as herself. Someone that was willing to explore the kinky side of their sexual nature and willing to try new things even new kinky things. He had finally decided that it was time for him to move on with his life and he had finally called his marriage quits after 24 yrs.

It was not an easy decision and it was not one he made lightly and he thought this decision over for quite a long time and he even discussed with his favorite sister. It was time for him to find the woman who would make life happy and exciting once again.

He was comfortable in a relationship and he really did enjoy being married but the lack of sex was driving him crazy and had pushed him into the world of other women. He enjoyed the freedom to fuck without commitment and he wanted to taste other women without guilt or worry.

He didn’t want to be tied down and his total freedom is what he was enjoying at this time of his life. He knew that he would want to settle down with one woman in time but this was not the time. When you marry young and finally make the move to end your marriage the world is like your oyster. You enjoy yourself but then you wake up one day and realize that the dating game is no longer fun but has become tedious and you long for that one person to come home to.

He decided to spread his wings and sample the flavor of other women before deciding to give in to the one woman he had wanted for years. She was always on his mind and he always wondered if she were with another man but he knew she wasn’t, but could he be sure?

She had a kinky side and she was very open and honest about her desires, wants and needs. She didn’t want anything from him which was a foreign concept to him as most wanted something him or to hook up with him for his name. She had wanted him to go out with other women and she wanted him to explore the women of the world. She knew a man going through a divorce should never be tied down but instead should be pushed out into the world to fly solo until his divorce was through. 

The time without a real relationship would make him find himself and what he really wanted out of life. She knew that is exactly what she needed and she also knew that waiting for him was the biggest mistake of her life. She finally was coming into her own and being a widow for almost four years had given her time to grow as a person.

She was now exploring her own sexual desires and fetishes and she felt not an ounce of guilt nor did she feel disgusting or dirty. She missed sex so much and she didn’t feel a bit bad when she enjoyed watching men masturbate for her online. She really did enjoy such “pornography” and she would even pleasure herself after watching them and even encouraging them.

She found no harm in such activity and it was a great way to relieve her own stress. She had finally let go of her fantasies to be with the only man she was ever truly meant to be with and she was now opening up to let others into her life. She had decided to meet the sissy boy and the thought of getting her house cleaned and things repaired around her house would definitely be helpful.

It was a pretty simple non sexual relationship as they both enjoyed travel, the outdoors, animals and being free and he enjoyed cross dressing and following a very rigid cleaning schedule. If he did not do as his mistress ordered then he would be punished by being handcuffed and punished. His thing was being restrained by different objects and he loved being handcuffed.

She had no problem restraining him and punishing him for not doing as she ordered if that is what she wanted. She enjoyed this new lifestyle as it gave her an outlet as well as meeting new people and she wasn’t required to have sex with anyone. For her sex wasn’t something you did with just anyone, no she required a connection and would settle for nothing less.