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He sat at his usual table at the Viper Room, the music was always moving and made him want to dance but he chose to sit back and observe the crowd. This was the place to see and be seen but it was also the place that no one would bother you if you wanted to be anonymous.

He was surrounded by beautiful women of all colors and sizes but even their beauty was not enough to hold his attention. He had spent the day learning innovative and effective developmental solutions and he breathed a sigh as his mind traced over the days experiences.

It didn’t matter how attractive the woman was as they were no challenge and so easy to fuck. Anyone of them would suck his cock at a moments notice and this was good for nothing but a quick orgasm or fuck. So many women were so easy to buy and he was bored with them as a whole.

He was one to enjoy spending time by himself but he was also quite comfortable surrounded by others as well. He appeared to be as vanilla as vanilla came but the truth was he had a side that no one had ever seen. He had even kept this side of himself from himself but he could no longer ignore his kinky desires.

He wanted to experience the BDSM world but to do so would open him up to danger, not physical danger no danger that could destroy him in his Madagascar world of vanilla. He was to well known to ever get involved with anyone in the world of kink and he had yet to meet that one woman who would embrace his “dark” side.

There was only one woman that he knew would let him experience and experiment parts of himself that no one else had ever let him or encouraged him to. She was one of those women that appeared to be too good to be true even though he knew she was exactly the person she had shown him.

He had creeped on her online, stalked her and played mind games with her for years just to keep her attention. He knew what he was doing was wrong but he couldn’t help himself because he was so attracted to her. From the first time he saw her picture he was taken with her and wanted to be with her. Being married had kept him in check but now that he was getting divorced he just wanted to play and he knew she was past that stage in her life and she was no one to trifle with.

She was a very strong, independent, open, honest, straight forward, no games type of woman who was kind, caring, considerate and he knew she would encourage him to feed his “dark” side and she would even help him to do that. He just wanted to give up complete control in the bedroom and he knew she would be the one to take his control and make it hers.

She enjoyed role play and dominance and that was what he was looking for. He had read so much about his fetishes and the excitement grew the more he learned. This woman was exploring the world of bondage and the thought of handcuffing him and having him at her mercy was quite delightful. She knew he would enjoy it as well and so her fantasy had begun.

She sat back and closed her eyes as she played the fantasy over in her mind-he had sent a car for her and she had dressed in a lovely form fitting dress with black stockings, garter, panties and she wore a half cup black and red bra. She slipped on her black stiletto high heels and entered the back seat of the car.

As they drove the driver could see she was nervous and tried to help relieve some of the nervousness by chatting about her upcoming evening. He was a very nice driver and he did help make the evening less stressful as they pulled up to the private plane parked at the south end of the airport.

He was standing at the doorway of his Boeing 727-23 which he had tricked out with anything and everything he had ever desired. Of late he had begun to think about making his own “dungeon” and having these items on his private plane but the thought of actually hiring someone to install such playful items was just to embarrassing for him.

He seemed to spend more time in the air than on land but this evening was going to be quite special and fun for a change. He walked up to her and lead her through the open door and he felt such pride as he walked into the plane. He just knew she would be impressed and would say so but to his dismay she said not a single word about such a magnificent aircraft.

He moved his arm in a motion as to directing her where to sit and she sat down with grace and elegance. He had immediately ordered champagne and as his private stewardess was opening the bottle they watched her and chatted. This lovely lady was not impressed by his plane or his private stewardess and definitely not by the champagne.

Men like him had nothing but a bunch of ass kissers following them but she was no ones ass kisser and she pretend to like him if she didn’t. She wouldn’t laugh at stupid jokes or trip all over herself trying to impress him as she was what and who she was like her or not.

He asked her if she would care for some caviar and she said no but she would like some celery sticks and carrots with ranch dressing if that wasn’t too much to ask. She also had requested iced tea with splenda instead of the champagne as she didn’t really enjoy the taste as much as most.

He wanted to know everything about her and just sitting next to her excited him like no other woman ever had and she smelled heavenly which made him want to take her right there. He kept himself in check and they spent the next few hours totally absorbed into each other learning as much as they could as the hours ticked away.

He had flown her to London for dinner and  the Bocca Di Lupo was the restaurant he had chosen to impress her with. She was more impressed with the long marble bar than she was with his private plane and this left him feeling a bit deflated. They enjoyed a lovely dinner of anti pasta, pumpkin & amaretti risotto, butter & sage, gnocci with mozzarella & wild garlic pesto, pairing the perfect wine with their meal they chatted like two best friends. They finished the evening with bonet and bicerin and even though she had eaten such a small amount she did try everything and quite enjoyed it.

This was something quite unique and rare for her but for him this was standard and nothing seemed to excite him any longer except she was what excited him. They left the restaurant hand in hand giggling and laughing as they walked down the street as the crisp evening air kept them alert.

They returned to his private plane and both of them were tired from the heaviness of the meal but they were so taken with each other that nothing could make them fall asleep. They returned to their seating arrangement on the plane and the conversation continued to flow like water running through a stream.

He no longer could help himself and he bent down and kissed her, she was sweeter than he would have ever had guessed and a damn good kisser. His cock grew rapidly under gaberdeen clothing and he tried not to make it obvious that she had aroused him to the point that his cock wanted nothing more than to break free of the material restraints.

They continued to kiss and his hand began to wander over her breasts and down her waist and he tried to slowly sneak his fingers under her dress but she would only let him get as far as her garter hook and she stopped him immediately. She knew men like this got pussy at a drop of a dime and she was not going to be bundled with the other pussy he had gotten.

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She made it clear to him that he would have to earn the right to touch her and to taste her and he would have to let himself be the man that he had hidden. She wanted to know about his dark side and she wanted to experience that side of him with him as well as exposing her own dark side.

She asked him to show her the rest of his plane and he did as she asked ending up in his bedroom in the rear of the plane. His bedroom was quite manly with a custom made bed larger than a king and a private bathroom with several shower heads on three sides, the bathroom was also done in manly colors and she could imagine handcuffing him to the highest shower head and teasing him mercifully.

She turned to him and ordered him to remove his suit coat and then she began to unbutton his shirt as she looked into his eyes and told him she was going to teach him a lesson for being so brash and trying to take advantage of her. She removed his shirt and threw it into the corner and then she undid his belt and unzipped his pants and she pushed him down onto the bed.

She knelt down and removed his shoes and sox and pulled off his pants and his shorts leaving him naked. He felt proud of his body but he did feel out of sorts not being in control but he was enjoying it at the same time. She told him not to move and she walked over to his closet and removed two of his ties.

She ordered him to lie on his stomach and she tied his hands behind his back and she began to run her fingers over his back and down over his ass. The more she fluttered her fingers the harder he got and the more excited he got and as she kissed his back and ass and then slid her warm tongue over his ass and down to his taint was so damn erotic and exciting he almost  came right then.


She continued down his inner thighs and to his feet and she began to suck on his toes which was the wildest sensation he had ever felt. He begged her to let him taste her and fuck her but she just laughed at him and told him that he was for her pleasure not the other way around.


She untied his hands and ordered him to massage his cock and balls and to masturbate for her and this was a super turn on for him and he did as she asked. As his cock turned a lovely shade of deep purple she sat in the chair opposite the bed and put her feet on the bed leaving her with bent knees.

This gave him a perfect view of her crotch and she slowly undid her garters and rolled down her stockings which was very erotic. She then slowly removed her panties and he was left with a view of a completely bald pussy that he knew he wanted to taste and to fuck.

She joined in mutual masturbation which was a total turn on for him and they both came at the same time. This woman was so brazen and exciting he could not live without her and he was going to make her his no matter what it took. He tried to pull her towards him but she refused and she dressed herself and told him to do the same, which he did.

She led him back to their seats and told him it would take much effort on his part to ever fuck her as she was not easy and certainly not cheap like the other so called women he had had. He knew this woman possessed so much more than any woman he had ever met and he was not going to let her slip through her fingers. He knew if he didn’t work his magic she would be gone and he wasn’t going to allow that to happen.