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All of us have secrets and no one lets everything about themselves be known to everyone or even one in particular. We hide our secrets and we even at times hide them from ourselves. You can spend a lifetime with someone and they will never know all of your secrets including those dirty little secrets we carry deep within ourselves.

What we fear is the rejection, the look of disgust, the possible rejection and to be turned away. This is why those dirty little secrets stay secrets until you meet that one person that makes you feel comfortable enough to let in, to tell them about your secrets, your deviate desires as some may refer to your kinky sexual desires, your perversions.

None of us are dirty, filthy or disgusting because we want to sexually play, explore, try new things with new people even if it is of the same sex. Our bodies are to be enjoyed and to be shared with those that we feel are worthy and we can enjoy as well. Sex is not a dirty word, it is not something nasty and to be hidden.

Our fantasies are there for us to explore and to let our minds wander into areas that some would say are not to be explored. Those that deny what they truly think or feel only do so out of shame that has been a burden to them their entire lives. Our parents have taught most of us that sex is not to be explored or discussed and so many are taught that sex is a dirty word.

F0r some having sex doggie style is perverse and gross but for me it is actually my favorite position. So many women refuse to perform fellatio because the thought of such an act makes them gag or want to puke. When you feel comfortable enough with a partner you should be able to confide in them your dirtiest, darkest secrets without fear of rejection or condemnation. That is what I am so desperately seeking, to be accepted for myself no matter how  my fantasies may appear to be I just want someone who is willing to explore with me or at the least except me for the person I am.