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We loved to role-playing and he wanted me to be his “little girl” that evening and I began to prepare for the evenings adventure with excitement and anticipation as I chose my little girl outfit. I was to be a school girl in a white blouse, plaid skirt, knee highs and loafers, no make up and hair in pigtails. My under garments were nothing more than two pasties and a white thong, which I knew would drive him insane. I put on a slight bit of perfume and powered my muff, slipped on my loafers and out of the bedroom I went.

He was walking in the door as I squealed  in “delight, daddy’s home, daddy’s home” and he asked if I had been a good girl and my eyes looked at the floor as I said “no daddy, I was a very bad girl today.” He said, well I guess I have to punish my little girl now don’t I? I said “yes daddy, I need to be punished” as we both headed towards the kitchen. I walked to the stove and opened the oven door making sure that I was bending over so the cheeks of my ass could be seen and he definitely did see them as I took out the baked rice pudding and put it on the stove. He spun me around and said “little girl, daddy wants his cock sucked right now” and I said “yes daddy” as I kissed him and undid his belt, zipper and button and pulled his pants down. I sucked his cock as he stood there moaning and he said to me “little girl it’s time for your spanking” as he pulled me up and took me by the hand to the chair where he sat down and bent me over his knees and spanked my ass as he slipped his finger into my wetness finger fucking me with each slap he went deeper and deeper. I begged him to fuck me and he said “no I will not fuck you with clothes on” as he helped me stand up, he once again turned me around lifting the back of my skirt and ripping off my white thong and blouse and he laughed as he looked at my red sparkly pasties covering my nipples. He told me to walk over to the back of the couch and he said ” my little girl, my luscious little cunt-daddy’s got a big surprise for his little girl” as he spread my legs further apart and plunged his cock inside of me. Both of us beyond excited and I said “daddy I will be good, I promise” as he fucked me faster and faster he said “daddy wants his little girl to scream out daddy’s name and beg me to make you cum” I was so fucking horny and wanted to cum so bad but couldn’t unless my clit had a direct involvement and he knew that. I begged him to lick me and make me explode but he would not hear of it, he was going to make me wait and ride him like the horse he was.