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It was on the edge of dusk as we walked hand in hand along the deserted stretch of beach. I reached over and loosened your black and red striped tie and then unbuttoned the top of your red satin shirt. I pulled your shirt out of your pants and the wind worked its way up your back and your shirt moved with the wind slowly as I continued to unbutton the rest of your buttons.
You touched my cheek with the back of your hand and very slowly slid your hand down my face to my neck. I kissed you slightly on the nose and lips and then we kissed deep and passionately. I began to remove your shirt off your shoulders and you began to run your hands over my breasts.
My nipples immediately became erect and wanted your mouth desperately on them. You began to slowly pull my sweater over my head gently and started kissing my neck and down to my cleavage.
you slowly put your hand up under my skirt and ran your warm hand up the inside of my thigh and felt the lace on my black satin panties.
I began to run my hands over your muscular chest and down to the button on your pants. I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped your pants and your cock sprung out as if to say, freedom at last. You are so hard, I can feel your cock pulsating.
I begin to slowly stroke your manhood as your hand works its way over to the crotch of my panties and to your delight you find that they are crotchless. You touch the center of my wet and warm delight waiting for your entrance into eternity.
You enter me with your finger as I continue to stroke your lovely cock as we kiss passionately with the warm water of the ocean running it’s path over our feet and the salty breeze is blowing past us.
We are both very slow and passionate in our actions, not wanting to waste a moment of the lust that flows between us. This moment in time has waited for us for 2 years and we are not about to rush to orgasm, we want this moment to last a lifetime.
You begin to lick on my nipple and take it hungrily into your mouth as your finger goes deeper into the place of total ecstasy.
I remove your hand and my own and I slowly kiss your body further and further down.
I am on my knees and the water is rushing up the beach and over my skirt as I lick the tip of your cock and taste the droplets of sperm. Slowly taking you into my mouth, I can hear your groan with pleasure and feel the blood building up in your cock.
I take you deeper and deeper into my mouth and stroke your cock with my hand as I am going up and down until your cock can feel the back of my throat. This is just too much for you to stand as you continue to groan deeper and longer.
You slowly raise me up off my knees and kiss me deep and take my hand and quickly lead me further up the beach to a boulder. You force me to back up against the boulder and rip off my bra. My breasts bounce out of their confinement like a beach ball being blown my the wind.
We are intertwined kissing and touching each others bodies with intense passion being expressed with each kiss.
I begin to stroke your cock again and whisper in your ear, I love to lick your cock hun and take all of you in my mouth. Your deep groan is an expression of pure pleasure.
You pull up my wet skirt and remove it slowly over my head, not wanting to get sand and salt water in my eyes. I am now standing in nothing but my panties, waiting and wanting your cock to enter me so badly.
You are so excited you want to explode your hot juices into me right this second but you wait. You take my hand again and we begin to slowly run further down the beach to a smaller rock. You pick me up and sit me on the rock and immediately spread my legs. You cannot wait to lick my pussy and have my cum on your face and taste the richness of my body.
You begin to slowly lick my clit and enter me with your finger at the same time, this is driving my body crazy, I cannot control the sensations of delight that I am experiencing. I can no longer hold my body back and I can feel the most intense of orgasms creeping up and thru my body. My nipples erect and your warm hands running over my breasts and play with my nipples as you are sucking on my clit. I am at the beginning of an orgasm and I start to say ooohhhhh ya hun oooooooooooyaaaa don’t stop please don’t stop as my body explodes into the most intense orgasm I have ever had. The orgasm doesn’t stop but keeps getting stronger and stronger until I have climaxed and am now coming down off the cloud of pure sensation.
You lift me off the boulder and we move to another boulder that is the perfect height to bend me over. You turn me around deliberately and quickly rip off my panties as you are bending me over the boulder. You get on your knees and begin to lip my ass and work you way into my pleasure point, you start to lick inside my cheeks until you reach the center of your delight.
You lick my asshole and dart your tongue in and out until you can’t take anymore. You begin to run your hands over my body as you stand up and quickly and forcefully shove me over the rock.
Your cock will no longer wait for what is his, you grab your cock and work your way between my ass cheeks and slowly enter my wet and orgasmic cunt.
You begin to fuck me like it’s your first time and I am in so much pleasure I can no longer speak. You continue to fuck me deeper and deeper and faster and faster and I’m on the verge of another orgasm and I tell you sweetie please fuck me harder I’m ready to cum again.
You withdraw draw cock after you have entered me as deep as you can one last time.
Your cock is ready to explode but your mind takes control because you want to fuck my virgin ass and explode inside me. You slowly work your wet cock into my asshole, very
slowly going deeper and deeper, your body is doing everything it can to let your juices go but your mind has taken control.
You begin to fuck my ass, in and out until you are sure I am loose enough to take all of you. You fuck me deep and quicken your pace. I begin to feel a sensation that I’ve never felt before and it is one of pure pleasure.
I tell you fuck me hon fuck my ass until we both explode together. I can feel another orgasm working its way thru my body and I scream Hun I’m cumming dont stop and you fuck me faster and faster until we both are moaning with pleasure and at the exact same time we both say I’m cumming hun.
Your cock explodes like a cannon and you keep stroking in and out until you can no longer as our bodies are completely spent.
As I begin to slide down the boulder, you sit down and I slide down into your arms. You kiss my nipples and then kiss me.
As you begin to look into my eyes, you are dumbfounded to find that there are tears flowing from them and down my cheeks.
You slowly wipe away my tears and ask me if you had hurt me and I say no hun, there is no pain. You then ask why the tears love? I tell you they are tears of pure joy, because I have never felt such completeness with another human being like I have found with you.
You smile and kiss me and tell me how much you truly love me and begin to hug me and rock bath and forth.
You say to me, please never leave me and I tell you that I could never leave you for you are the one I have been waiting for my whole life. You are the one sent to me like an angel from heaven.
We slowly get up and walk hand in hand into the ocean for a midnight swim. We frolic and play like two young kids but we are so happy we cannot lose this moment in time.
The full moon lights the sky like a dim night-light and we eventually get out of the water and begin to walk back to your beach house. The wind makes my nipples erect and you do your best to keep me warm. We begin to run down the beach to your beautiful refuge and we run into the house and into the shower.
As the warm water is running over our bodies, I begin to slowly bath you and can feel your manhood begin to get hard again.
Yes, this was going to be a night of continuous pleasure between the egyptian cotton sheets. You look into my sparkling blue eyes and say to me, hun I want you again and I say I want you more, we both smile and kiss and we are now bathing each other. You quickly turn me around and take your hardness and place it between my ass cheeks and begin to fuck my ass and we are both feeling a wonderful sensation.
Our night continues to be filled with lust for each others bodies until we eventually end up between those sheets and fall into a blissful sleep of dreams of fantasies and pleasures we want to do to each other when we awaken.