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I sat and stared into no where thinking about him, thinking about the way his body glistened as the water flowed over him from the shower head. He had a beautiful mind, body and soul and o lord his cock, his cock alone could mesmerize any woman as he stood tall and hard. I could think of nothing else but slowly running my hands down his chest, ass and thighs and stealing a quick lick of his lollipop. I wanted nothing more than to feel his hardness enter me with the grace of a ballet dancer.

This man was no ordinary lover-he was a man who took sex as serious as his current position in life and he treated his lover with care and consideration. He had waited for 3 long tedious years to be with this woman, in this place and time there would be no interruptions just the two of them experiencing the pleasure of each other’s bodies. I slowly kissed his chest and worked my way to his forever hardness and slowly licked up one side and down the other. I had him bend his knees and slid a pillow under his sexy ass and I slowly began to give him a rim job and licked his balls as I gently inserted my finger into his ass searching for that walnut size pleasure point that every man has. I told him I was going to fuck him and make him lick my clit as he so enjoyed dirty talk.

Ever so slowly I ran my tongue under the head of his master and put my moist soft  lips over the head as I took him into my mouth, I could hear him gasp as I began to go up and down his cock with my mouth as my hand followed and I massaged his ass gently but I knew he was going to bust a nut to quickly if I didn’t slow down. He took my hand and pulled me up to him and we kissed passionately as true lovers do and he asked me to get on all fours and I did without hesitation and he rubbed my ass with his hands and said “this is what I love” as he rubbed his cock on the crack of my ass and thought he would slip in quietly without my noticing.

I was no virgin but then again I was no train tunnel either and his entrance did not come as easily as he thought and he said “you are so tight, damn” and I just smiled to myself saying nothing. As the head of his cock entered me I sucked in air so I would not squeal in delight. He grabbed my hips and I said “fuck me, fuck me fast and hard” and he did just that giving me the ride of my life and pleasure that was indescribable.  I told him “I want no one to fuck me but you” and he loved to hear that as I instructed him to go faster, which of course made him explode like fireworks in the sky.