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I checked into my hotel after a long day of meetings. I was wired, and it was late. I decided a work out would do me some good, help me to relax.

I dropped my things in my room, changed quickly into shorts and a t-shirt, and headed to the exercise room. I hopped on an exercise bike, and began riding. My mind began to drift to my new internet friend. We had exchanged email, and chatted online, even talked on the phone. She is so sexy, but we’ve never met. I was imagining our first kiss, a gentle touch, caressing, exploring, massaging her sexy body…I do love to touch….and then the bell rang…my little dream interrupted…my workout was over.

But I still wasn’t relaxed, so I decided to head to the hot tub. It was late, and the lights were low. No one was around. So I peeled off my shirt, shoes and socks. Took a quick shower by the pool to rinse off my workout sweat, and headed to the hot tub. I thought I was alone, but low and behold, a very attractive woman was sitting in the hot tub! I hadn’t noticed her in the dim light.

The water jets were running, and her eyes were closed, head leaning back. I didn’t want to disturb her, so I slipped into the tub on the opposite side…the hot water swirling all around my body…felt so good.

As I began to relax, I wondered about my tub mate, and noticed that her shoulders were bare, and a bikini top was floating next to her! In fact she was moaning a little, and it became real obvious she was pleasuring herself under the water. My attention was now completely focused on her!

I felt myself quickly growing hard, and my cock flexed in my shorts involuntarily. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this very sexy woman, who was oblivious to my presence. I reached under the water and began to gently rub the length of my shaft slowly through my shorts. Oh my, I couldn’t believe what was happening!

As I watched her intently, she lifted one hand to her breasts, which were still under water out of my sight, and began to caress herself. Her other hand was obviously still pleasuring between her legs, and her breathing was getting deeper, and her moans a little louder.

My rubbing was getting a little more intense, my fingers pressing and sliding long and slow along the underside of my cock, and I could hardly stand what was happening. I stopped momentarily and quietly slipped my shorts off my hips, amd my cock sprang free. I pushed them down past my knees, and lifted my feet out of them. They floated to the surface.

I took a hold and began to caress my bare cock, still completely submerged, still intently watching her. I was so hard, and it felt so good in my hand, under the water…mmmmmm.

Then suddenly, her eyes opened! She was looking right at me, our eyes piercing each other, and from her look, she was clearly very aroused. She just kept massaging her breasts, teasing her nipples, playing, only now more intensely, still submerged. Our eyes were still locked on each other. I started to stroke a little more firmly, sliding my hand up and down slowly, squeezing a little, traversing the entire length of my shaft. With my other hand, I teased the head of my cock with one finger, then two. It was so erotic seeing her pleasure herself while I was doing the same…

Finally, she broke our silence, and said in a sexy, and sultry but authoritative voice “Show me…sit up there and show me”.

OMG…I had to obey! I release my cock so that I could lift myself out of the water, and I perched my rear end on the edge of the tub facing her. I spread my legs and slowly took my cock in my hand again, and resumed my touching and caressing, only now in full view of my tub friend. At first she watched intently, her hands obviously still busy between her legs, and on her breasts. Occasionally, I could see her eyes close as her head tilted back, and from side to side. Then she would open them and focus again on my hands playing and teasing my cock.

Then, slowly, she waded across the tub closer me, and as she did, she lifted a little out of the water exposing the top half of her breasts. They were so beautiful, and looked so delicious…and her nipples were so hard! I wanted to touch them, caress them, taste them, suckle them.

But before I could move, with her hand still sliding up and down between her legs, and massaging one breast and teasing her nipple, she came closer and positioned herself between my knees gaining an “up close and personal” view of my raging manhood and my slow stroking.

Now I could clearly see down into the water, the light illuminating her hand between her legs…she was rubbing with three fingers, up to her clit, then down to her opening. Then up again. Every third or fourth time up, she would massage her clit with her finger tips. My cock was now flexing uncontrollably over and over!

Focusing on watching me touch myself, she began to encourage me, telling me how sexy I looked, how much she wanted to touch and taste me, how big my cock was, how hard. She was also talking a little dirty, asking me how good it felt, did I want to touch her, taste her, and more…

This drove really me wild, and my pace quickened. I said yes, yes, I wanted to do those things to her. Meanwhile, I was feeling my pressure starting to build. But she said “Stop”. She brought her hands up and took my cock and squeezed. My pressure subsided a bit.

She began to kiss and lick the head of my cock. I started to moan in pleasure, and began to thrust my hips a bit. She took the head of my cock into her mouth, then released it. I heard that “pop” like a lollipop when she pulled back. Then she took me into her mouth again. Then pop. Over and over she repeated this. Finally, wanting more, I reached up and pulled her head down at the same time thrusting forward. This drove my cock fully into her mouth to the aback of her throat. She moaned as she grabbed my hips.

Slowly I began to fuck her mouth. Then faster. Then even faster, both my hands on her head guiding my cock firmly into her mouth with each thrust.

Quickly I went over the edge and I blurted it out “I am going to cum”… and then I did…I squirted and squirted….shooting my cum into her mouth, stream after stream. And she swallowed it all…every drop!

When my last spasm ended, she released my cock and smiled looking at me at said “Now do me” as she climbed up next to me. I saw her gorgeous body for the first time in full….her breasts so full and round, her legs shapely and sexy, and her pussy bare.

I slipped into the water as she positioned her bottom on the edge of the tub, she looked lustfully at me, spreading her legs. I leaned in and we started kissing. I was kissing her all over….on the mouth, exploring ears, neck and shoulders, back, arms, hands and chest, and especially breasts and nipples. I lifted one leg to my lips and began kissing ankles, and working my way up calves and thighs.

Kissing all over created so much anticipation….mmmmmm….I arrived at her upper most thighs and took in her sweet aroma from her arousal…

As I finally arrived, I slowed down, taking even more time. Kissing and licking slowly her innermost, uppermost thighs, and around her pubic mound. Not touching yet…knowing she wanted me…craved my tongue…but not rushing. I circled around slowly, getting closer and closer…taking in her aroma…looking at her swollen lips…then touching once…lightly with my tongue…momentarily…not penetrating…just a quick lick….hoping for a gasp…

Once I touched her with my tongue, I craved to taste all of her…I licked low to high…one long lick, parting her lips gently with my tongue and I took in her flavor slowly…then again, slowly…several times…and then applying more pressure, separating her lips further, licking harder, still slowly, broadly, using the full width of my tongue. MMMMMM….I was swallowing her sweet pussy juices!

My cock was hard again…but my aim was to please…I was aching for her cum in my mouth. So I used the tip of my tongue…firmly…to trace patterns around and around. I gently used my hands to spread her lips for me to see, then licked firmly around those swollen lips, around her clit….drawing circles on her opening. I loved the feel of her juices on my tongue oozing from inside…I was lapping them up. I touched her clit intermittently…sometimes flicking it…and felt how hard it was on my tongue. She was squirming, sometimes grabbing my face. I relented, and penetrated inside…probing and swirling my tongue as deep as I could…swallowing all of her…

Finally, when she couldn’t stand any more, I found her clit with my lips, and took it, teasing it with the tip of my tongue, and sucking it gently. Then more intensely….faster and harder until I felt her started to cum to me…she was thrusting her hips to my face, grabbing my head, and pulling me into her pussy.

I brought my hand to her pussy, and continued to suck in rhythm to her orgasm, then slid two of my fingers easily into her pussy, and began to slide them in and out, swirling inside, teasing her spot, still sucking and licking your clit. She cried out loud as I was sucking and probing at the same time.

After several long minutes of intense orgasm, she pulled my face away from her pussy and brought my head up her body to her face. I removed my fingers as well and we began to kiss again, slowly and deeply. She started to probe my mouth with her tongue, as I sucked it wholly into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me while we kissed passionately.

Finally relaxed, I whispered into her ear….as our hot sweaty bodies pressed against one another “You feel so good!” I then looked into her eyes and said “mmmmm….so nice to meet you!” with a sly grin on my face. She replied “it’s nice to meet you too! “…