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Let’s have some fun, drop your pants and start massaging your balls and then start stroking your cock. Ya nice and slow I’m unbuttoning my shirt slowly and he can see my hard nipples in person-and keep stroking as I’m taking off my skirt and I have on black lace panties want a sniff? I wave them under his nose and my essence excites him. He wants to fuck me, he wants to lick me, “yes, I wanna lick your pussy” he says spreading my legs “going down on you slowly, kissing your thighs, and moving towards your pussy” as I moan. He is licking my clit and asked “are you moaning yet, you’re getting wet” my reply is of course “I’m soaking, moaning loudly, pulling your ears, lol” I want your cock inside me, miss me huh? He is slowly inserting his hard cock in my tight wet pussy. I begin to say loudly “fuck me, fuck me deep and fast” I’m begging you as I talk dirty to you Fuck me honey, fuck your bad girl, I love your cock, love the feel of it. He says “you are so tight baby” and I am so wet I am soaking the sheets and he is dripping cum as well. “I want to make you cummmmmm” he says with his hard cock in his hand.

I’m on all fours spread for him “grab my hips and thrust into me” he can fuck me so good, better than anyone else ever has and he makes me wet in my dreams as I finger myself, massage my clit. I scream his name when I’m in the tub using the jets to cum. I want to watch him jerk off, turns me on and makes me so horny. Love to suck his cock, so big, so hard and so tasty. He says “you make me so horny, suck me dry. Yummy his cock is so hard and he wants me over and over as I tell him “stroke it baby stroke it for me, think of me spread eagled, bald pussy.

I call him daddy and ask him if he has read my blog and he says “no” I tell him you might like it, a little fun, little rough. Like to bend me over the back of the couch? So you want to fuck me do you? My pussy is so wet right now, cum to me then, don’t talk just do it I tell him. I will he says but not soon enough for me as my clit wants his tongue and I want his ass.

He’s on the bed and I tell him to bend his knees, put a pillow under his sweet ass as I start to lick his balls and work my way to his ass and give him a rim job as I’m stroking his cock with the other hand. I insert my finger into his ass gently and find his pleasure point. I suck his cock and work his ass as he shoots his wad in my mouth and I drink every bit and lick the rest off his cock. I work my way to his face and lower myself over his mouth. He says “you’re so good, baby!” He tells me how good I taste as I begin to cum with a thundering roar. Never felt anything like that before, wow-seeing stars, moon and universe as I fall over exhausted.