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It had rained all night and the ground was like walking on a soaked sponge and she knew that as she put on her robe to keep her nakedness warm. She let her dogs out and thought of him, he was always in her mind but the cut was just to deep leaving a gaping wound.The immense betrayal felt like a slap in the face but she couldn’t think about him now.
She wasn’t a coffee drinker but had been a “pepsiholic” for years, that had recently changed as well. Her beverage of choice generally  was purified water and she grabbed a bottle as she prepared the dogs food and opened the sliding glass door to let them in and headed back to bed.
She climbed back into bed and wrapped the blanket around her as the “little ones” as she referred to family of miniature Yorkies climbed all over her, each one wanting to be the one that got her attention just like little kids fighting over who was going to lie on the couch next to mom.
Her mind drifted back to him again and the vision she always saw was his glistening tanned naked body lieing on a lounge next to his pool. He was beautiful absolutely beautiful from his mind to the twinkle in his soft brown eyes, his smile so genuine and lips that she longed to kiss. She was actually surprised at her own reaction when she first saw the picture, yes he had a luscious body but that wasn’t what attracted her so. He had an aura that drew her in and she could not turn away from, he had an awesome hard on and his cock was a strong determined sort with a head of its own and he was the entire package.
He sat on the lounge using his thumbs to prop up his hard on so the camera got a real good shot and a shot it was. She would have loved to enlarge,matte and frame that picture but she doubted he would like that as he was not one to fall all over himself but he was quite aware that he was an attractive man.
She played with the dogs for a bit and decided to take her bath as she preferred to lie instead of standing. in hot water and let it brush over her body