I tiptoe quickly back to my side of the bed and slowly crawl back in and cover my cold body with the plush blankets and comforter.I begin to lick his nipple and I can see chills begin to move over his body, my hand is already on his balls massaging them and I can feel the hardness of his cock already. Is it the morning after wealth of urination hard on or sexual arousal? We shall find out. I move like a panther, very slowly and methodically down his body and use my legs to spread his wide enough for my body to fit. I begin to lick the head of his cock and I can taste my dried body fluids from the night before. I slowly circle the underside of the head of his cock and I hear a deep moan from above the covers. His cock makes a slight bounce off his body and I take it into my mouth hungrily as his moans deepen. I massage his balls and take his cock deeper and deeper into my warm mouth and I begin to stroke his cock with my hand and it follows my mouth up and down quicker and quicker.He can’t stand it any longer and he reaches under the blanket and pulls me up to his face. He kisses me slightly on the lips and then deeper using his tongue to do a dance with my own. I slowly raise myself up making sure his cock is entering as I do, I look into his eyes and they glisten with a pleasure that is undeniable. I am now sitting erect with his large pulsating cock inside me as I move slowly up and down. He wants more, this is not satisfying him enough and he grabs me and sets me to the side of him. He demands that I get on all fours and as I do he slaps my bare bottom and says “cheers old gal, this is how it’s done”. He enters my wetness and thrusts his cock deep inside me as my clit begins to throb intensely.