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Sex is great, sex is wonderful but there has got to be so much more, interests, feelings, spirituality, compassion and so much more. 

The most important moments two people share are right after making love when he lies on his back with his arms behind is head and she has her knee bent on his thigh and her head and one breast on his chest. He lowers his arm and places it on her bare back. Her arms at the sides of his chest hugging him and secretly thanking God for this moment in time.

It’s the moments when the two of you go fishing and sit quietly yet comfortable in the silence and the peaceful sound of the rippling water. Then, one of them catch a fish and it turns into a hilarious scene that should end up in a  movie.

It’s the working together to get the boat out of the water and head home to clean the fish together, teaching each other’s fileting technique and off to cook a great dinner together.

It’s cleaning up after dinner, showering and climbing into bed slowly kissing and touching each other’s bodies in a way that is so erotic they both practically cum just from the touch.

It’s drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms with the aroma of their own love making lingering in the air.

Yes, sex is great, yes sex is wonderful but I would rather have the romance as it is the exciting part to me.