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He was no different from so many other men as he had married the first girl he had hooked up with. Yes, they had raised four boys and she was a great mother and wife but as most marriages go the sex had died off long ago. She had never known that he had a kinky side and that he missed sex so much and really kicked himself in the ass for marrying so young without tasting the fruits of other women.

As the years past and the distance continued to grow between him and his wife he started spending more and more time online looking at women and porno. One as he surfed the net he came across a vision of beauty that took control of his thoughts and made him horny as hell. She was dressed in black lingerie and he became totally besotted with her as he looked into her eyes he was drawn in like a fish on a hook. He wanted to forget her but he just could not put her out of his mind or heart no matter how hard he tried to eliminate her from his life.

This woman was what he had been missing his entire life as she was attractive, sexy, sensual, so fucking hot and intelligent and he couldn’t help himself from wanting to know more and more about her. Yes, he felt guilty but that didn’t stop him from hacking her computer and pretending to be so many other people so she would add him to her social media sites.

He enjoyed reading her stories because they conveyed so much emotional and he could feel what she had been feeling as she wrote each word. He wanted this woman to touch him, caress him, kiss him, make love to him, he wanted it all but knew as long as he was married that this would never happen. He had done the one thing he never thought he would do and he had fallen in love with this woman. He masturbated to her pictures and he fantasized about her written words and even though he had everything a man could want he didn’t have this woman by his side.

This woman mesmerized him as he could almost feel her lips on his, her hands on his chest roaming his body, he could almost feel her kisses down his chest and the warmth of her mouth on his member. He dreamed of the time he could be with her because he believed in soulmates as she did and one day, yes one day he would be with this woman and experience her sexually as well as mentally.