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Friday’s are always great days for fucking no matter where you are or what you are doing, I like to fuck in the woods, on the table, the floor, the shower, the elevator, on top of the hood of a car, leaning against a wall in fact I like to fuck anywhere anytime. I like to be picked up in the shower and fucked against the wall with warm running water dripping down our bodies and then I like to towel dry you off and take you to bed and fuck you some more.

I enjoy making love but I so do love to fuck as it is wild, no holds barred, it is total self-expression of desire and I so do desire you and want to share moments of pure fucking with you. Get out the camcorder and the camera and let’s make our own memories for private viewing when we are apart. Take off the wedding ring first as that is a damper to the mood and let’s fuck in circles, let’s fuck between peeing and eating, let’s fuck just to fuck and let’s fuck until we are sore and let’s fuck some more. 

Let me show you how a real blow job feels and a finger up your ass can massage the joy spot hidden within, let me whisper dirty words into your ear and let me awaken the dead spirit that lies within you. Let me show you what you have been denying yourself for so long and let me make you cum so many times that your body will take days to rebuild the supply. Let me show you what it feels like to be really loved and respected. Come to me for just one day and let me make you feel like a real man again, come to me and experience excitement and fun on fuck me friday, this friday. I dare you, in fact I double dare you so shut the fuck up and quit your whining and looking for excuses. Let your feet take you to fuck me friday and enjoy yourself for change-