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Tell me Gabby is this your secret fantasy? To be a sissy maid? Be my sissy maid? You’ve read this post so many times if it were on paper it would be severely frayed. Would you like to live in a very small area with your only responsibility would be taking care of me?

Did you really think you would be happy with your x-wife? Did you actually think Irina could make you happy in life or sexually? Bet Irina wont suck your dick but she has no problemo spending your money.

When are you going to step up and be the man you are suppose to be? Be with the person you are suppose to be with? When are you going to quit living your life through my stories???? When are you going to be true to yourself and finally let yourself be happy???? Really happy?????

BTW dont plan on bbq’s ………..



His only desire was to be the best sissy maid that he could be and she had done a wonderful job of teaching him how to perfect his services. She had ordered him to wear a maids outfit with white seemed stockings, garter, thong panties and the perfect black maid shoes.

He was not allowed to ever have direct eye contact with her and he was always to address her as Miss or Madame. His meager quarters were in the furthest corner of the basement and his room was 6 foot wide by 8 foot long. It was his responseability to wake up at 4 a.m. every morning, make his bed and dress to her specifications.

His shoes had to be polished nightly and the seems on his stockings had to be straight or she would severely punish him. It was his duty to see that she was served hot tea every morning by 8 a.m. and she demanded a small bowl of steel cut oats with brown sugar and a splash of milk.

Once she had finished her breakfast it was his responsability to see that her clothing of the day was without a single wringle and God forbid that there be a stain on a blouse, jacket, skirt, dress or pair of pants that she owned. He had made a terrible error of letting her leave the house with a small stain on her skirt and when she returned home she ordered him into her dungeon.

She handcuffed him to the wall making sure that his nose pressed against the cold wall and she shackled his ankles. She brought out her favorite paddle and floggers and spared him no mercy as she paddled his ass crimson red and flogged him. She left him with welts on his back and the she got out the hot wax.

He had not shaved his legs in two days which was a sin in her eyes and she poured the hot wax on the back of his legs and then she applied the hair removing strips and applied them to his legs. She pulled them off with one swift pull and she would then run her hand over the bare spot saying how nice it felt.

She continued to do this until every hair on the back of his legs had been removed and then she undid his ankles and hands and ordered him to turn around. She handcuffed him and shackled him to the wall this time facing her and she continued to was him from his chest to his toes. It was very uncomfortable to have her put the hot wax on his balls and then rip the hair removing cloth from his balls and he screamed out and she could see the tears springing from his eyes.

Once done with the wax removing she undid him once again and ordered him to kneel on the bench and she cuffed him and then applied leather straps just below his elbows and attached them to the rings on the bottom of the bench. She then walked around and rubbed his ass and then inserted the butt plug firmly into his ass.

She then began to stroke his cock as she spoke to him gently and with the kindness one would never expect to receive after being so careless. She asked him if he would like to cum and if he like her fucking his cock with her hand and of course he said “yes miss, very much so miss” and she asked him if he liked her fucking his ass with the butt plug and once again he said “yes miss, very much so miss.”

He was just about ready to cum and she stopped and walked over to her drawer full of toys and pulled out her crop. She slapped his aching balls and cock and told him he didn’t deserve to cum and if he did she would force him to suck the cock that was stuck to the wall and she would fuck him with her new strap on which was huge in diameter and length.

The thought of her abusing his ass made his cock throb and he begged her to please allow him to release his seed. She refused to allow him to do so and she told him she had a gift for him. She removed a brand new cage and applied it to his cock and put the key on the chain around her neck and told him he would wear the cage daily and she would remove it long enough for him to shower then put it back on him.

She could be so cruel but he loved her so much and even her punishment was something he looked forward to at times. His mistress was difficult to please but she would reward him handsomely when he performed to her satisfaction. She never let anything slip by her and she paid close attention to his work and this made him feel so desirable which made him do everything to keep her pleased.

He looked up at the dark sky as it parted and the raindrops began to hit the ground. He could hear her high heels hitting the floor as she took step after step closer his way.

He had been standing at the doorway with umbrella in hand awaiting her arrival. His timing was perfect as he pushed open the door and opened up the umbrella.

She walked out the door and under the umbrella as they headed towards the limo. He opened the door for her and helped her into the car and once seated he handed her the leather bound book and briefcase.

She was notorious for writing and she was always jotting down stories and notes. He was responsible for reading her work and making corrections when needed. The stories were good but some were mediocre and he dare not tell her so as he feared repercussions. 

She would never punish him for honesty but he wasn’t about to say words that would come back to haunt him.  She had a distaste for those that were rich and famous and flaunted it.

Her instagram account was filled with pictures of her work and as she looked at other profiles she ran across a model that was tall with long blonde hair. So many thought the model was pretty but the mistress didnt think so.

No matter how attractive someone may be their actions can easily make them look ugly. The model had turned herself into a very ugly person as she posted pics of her expensive meals, clothing and countries that she worked in.

She was extremely vain and she was always taking selfies and pictures of her expensive purchases such as Chanel and Gucci. Girls like the model needed to have their asses beat and live among the poorest of poor for a day.

Turning away from the computer screen she rested her head on the comfortable padded leather.With  her eyes, she thought of the upcoming meeting with a new client.

The client was filthy rich and had acted like a fucking moron at their first meeting. He had called her numerous times and she had refused all of his calls until he promised to finance the local animal shelter.

She loved animals and absolutely abhorred  animal cruelty of any kind. Yes, she could have easily supported cancer research or the arts but she knew that the arts would always have funds supporting it and cancer research was ran by non profits that used 80 percent of the money to pay themselves as well as all of the perks.

He had called no less than fifty times a day for weeks until she finally gave in and accepted his call. She was polite but firm that she would not see him but he begged and told her he would do anything just to have another meeting with her.

Staying at a suite in the  Westin Hotel, he would spare no expense to impress the mistress if he could only talk her into giving him some of her time. Finally, she agreed to see him and meet him at the 24Grille.

Her sissy maid sat next to her in total silence and he only spoke when spoken too. She asked for his opinion many times and she had ordered him to give his honest opinion. She could always tell when he was unsure of his feelings on a subject and she told him she would severely punish him if he didnt answer from the heart.

The limo pulled up in front of the hotel and the sissy maid got out and held her Vintage Birkin 35 Calfskin Handbag  bag while she exited the car. She wasn’t one to spend money frivolously and her expensive clothes and accessories were gifts.

She never expected anyone to give her anything and she was always so appreciative for anything anyone gave her. She had received so many presents and most did not impress her or she didnt have a use for them.

She had received Leontine Linens Home Trousseau and she loved the bedding and so enjoyed the feel of it.  Diamonds, rubies and emeralds were more often than not given to her and she would put them in her vault, never to be worn.

The sissy followed behind her as the door was opened to the entrance of the hotel. The sissy informed the concierge that the mistress was a guest of the sheik. They were lead to the front desk and the sheik was called and informed of her arrival.

She headed towards the bar and the sissy was to direct him when he arrived. He had dressed down as not to be noticed by others and even had gone as far as arriving in an outfit that made him look average at best.

His religion as well as lifestyle could never be tarnished by his kinky side and no one knew who he really was. He even thought he had fooled the mistress but that was how stupid most men were.

She did background checks on everyone she came in contact with and no one could hide anything from her. She didn’t care what your kink was and she would never divulge her clients to anyone. She guarded her privacy as well as those that worked for her or came to visit her dungeon.