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He was a gentleman of retirement age and being a widow he no longer wanted the responsibility, expense or the demands of being a homeowner. He had placed his home up for sale and he was interviewing assisted living residents.

He didn’t need assistance but he would have the company of others his own age as well as the safety of the environment. He still had the opportunity to come and go as he pleased and he was comfortable with such an arrangement.

Since he had turned fifty he had received regular prostrate exams as most men do to fend of cancer. He had also discovered that these visits gave him an intense erection that made him jack off immediately upon leaving the dr. office and there had been times he had to go to the restroom because he got so excited.

Over the years he had found himself in search of someone who would play dr. to his patient and he was willing to go as far as to pay the right female “dr.” to enjoy. He was online when he ran across her picture and he was immediately struck by her appearance.

She was wearing sexy lingerie and she had that “come hither” look in her eyes which excited him. He could imagine her wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck and slipping her hands into the rubber gloves for his exam.

He could also imagine her saying to him ” my, my it is so warm in here do you mind if I remove my lab coat”? And of course his response was no mam please feel free to get comfortalbe.

He could see her slowly unbuttoning her white knee length lab coat and slowly removing it and all she wore underneath was a half cup bra, panties and thigh high stockings and of course her black high heels.

The more he thought of this the more excited he got and he could actually envision her telling him to remove his boxers and lean over the end of the examining table so she could examine his prostrate.

This was all so embarrassing to him but that gave him an intense erection and then she placed one hand on his lower back and the other hand he could feel probing his ass and as she slipped her finger into his anal cavity he got even more excited.

She probed his rectum until she found the walnut sized gland that she had been seeking. She massaged it with her finger as found that it was fine without any growths protruding.

The more she probed the more his cock began to drip and he couldnt hold back any longer and he came all over the examining table. He couldnt help himself as she was sexy as hell dressed the way she was and she smelled so good.

He wanted to climb her like a tree but his good sense kicked in and he apologized profusely to her. He was literally mortified that his body took on a life of it’s own and he couldn’t keep himself in check.

She left him to get dressed and he didn’t know if he should be shocked or pleased with the way his body had acted. One thing he did know is that he would have to hire someone to be his dr on a regular basis.