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He missed the familiarity of his community back home and he sought it out in New York City. NYC was a fantastic city to live in as you could meet people from any other country of the world. Neighborhoods were  formed by those from different countries long ago and this made it an easy transition for so many.

One could easily live among people who spoke their language yet they could travel a short distance to be in the thick of the nyc lifestyle. Shopping in the city left nothing to desire for and on any given day you could see a famous individual walking the streets.

You cold go to dinner at the swankiest of restaurants and attend a play and sit among the elite if you were one of them yourself. You could any type of food delivered to you and even have your groceries delivered as well. You could hire personal maids to personal shoppers and everyone in between.

NYC had the best night clubs and places specifically for those involved in the bdsm lifestyle, may they be soft players or hard. You could rent space in a dungeon and there was every type of bondage equipment available or anything you so desired to inflict pain or sexual arousal in anyone.

He embraced this city as he was among his own spanish speaking people and he could get what ever he so chose from within the city. The one thing about him is he loved luxury and beauty but he could also be comfortable alone and in a very simple setting.

The one thing that drove him to distraction was a woman, not just any woman but one specifically put on this earth for him. He knew this the moment he laid on her and the more he got to know her the more attracted he became.


His fantasies started out simple as in the form of just talking to her and over the years he wanted more and more of her. He wanted to literally climb under her skin and become one with her.

She was like no other woman he had ever met as she was kind, sassy, intelligent, warm, understanding, upfront, honest, sincere, kinky, sensual, sexual and everything in between.

She was an older woman, a woman who had experienced much of life’s adversities but she always came out swinging. She of course would succumb to bouts of depression because of her circumstances but she would always rise above.

Every time he thought of her he would get a slight hard on and in many cases he would get so aroused he would have to relieve himself or suffer the pain of an unsatisfied erection.

He thought about her every day constantly and always wondered what she was doing at any given moment. He had even gone as far as to call her pretending to be a telemarketer or wrong number just to hear her voice.

What he didn’t know is she did the exact same thing as he did, constantly wondered what he was doing, always fantasizing about being with him, in his arms, in his bed, sitting across from him just talking.

She knew he was as sexual as she was and she also knew he wanted to explore a part of his sexuality that the world frowned upon for the most part. His wife would be so disgusted with him if she knew his deepest, darkest, sexual desires.

She had known he had a telemarketer sexual appetite and she got tired of him climbing on her to satisfy his desires. She would never give him a decent blow job or even watch porn with him.

But the woman that he desired not only would give him a blow job she would do it under the table at a restaurant. She would not only watch porn with him but encourage him to make their own movie so he could watch it over and over when he was away.

The woman who was at the other end of the red string of fate wanted to make him smile, make him laugh, she wanted to explore his sexual side and she so wanted to give him pleasure.

She would crawl into bed naked at night and think of him touching her body as she slowly used her own hands to move across her breasts and erect nipples. She would move her hand down over her smooth skin to her bare mound and down to her womanly pleasure area.

She slowly moved her fingers down to the wetness between her legs and she thought of him licking her and fingering her. She fingered herself and thought about his cock in her face  and his face in her wetness.

She longed to 69 with this man and the thought of massaging his balls and licking his cock made her even wetter. She was so highly sensitive that it took literally seconds to bring herself to an orgasm.

She just had to see his face in her mind and the thought of him touching always brought her to such a wonderful orgasm. She wasn’t pleased with just once but before she fell asleep she would bring herself to several orgasms at the thought of him.

No two people thought and fantasized about each other as much as these two people did. They were destined to be together and the time was coming closer as each day passed. He wanted no one but her and she felt the same way and yes they would be in each other’s company before long.