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He had been the hard-working professor for so many years and he had earned tenure years ago and yes he was damn well worth every penny they spent on him. He had lectured so many and was the “resident professor extraordinaire” that so many respected and looked up. He was the “man” who  people sought out on campus and his opinion mattered, o yes it mattered very much.

He had so much wisdom and power that it was scary to so many and to walk the same ground as he did made them feel very special. No one would ever have thought that this man of such stature and grace carried a very dark secret that not even a handful of people in his world knew about.

He had given so many lectures and had written so many best selling books that life had become so stale and no longer exciting. That is when he entered the world that brought life back into him, literally the bdsm world breathed new life into his beyond vanilla world and he embraced it with all of its terrifying glory.

His wife was so respected and did all of the respectable things including closing her legs and keeping her mouth shut to sex. He practically had to throw thousand dollar bills her way to even get a glimpse of her pussy which was in badly needed maintenance and could use a good shave. He spent hours in his study watching porn and masturbating and closing his mind off to his loveless marriage.

He had one student in particular that grabbed his attention even though he didn’t fuck around with students as that was taboo and trouble just waiting to happen. She was an intelligent one she was and she enjoyed chatting with him about all kinds of different subjects. There was nothing inappropriate about her behavior but he could tell she would be fun to fuck.

There first conversation started out so innocent and pure as she asked him about an author and his opinion on the work. They became quite good friends and chatted often and then one day things took a turn. She was visibly upset and they began to chat and she let him into a very private part of her world.

She had told him that she was a sub and into bdsm and her boyfriend wouldn’t play with her the way she needed to be played with. He thought her to be sexually freakish and he had dumped her for a more tradition, vanilla type of female. He didn’t want to spank her or play at all and so they went their separate ways.

She had told the professor that she couldn’t give up her bdsm lifestyle as it made her feel wanted and desirable. He was quite interested in learning more and as she described the parties she had attended he had asked her if she would mind taking him to one. She was shocked by his interest but agreed to show him a bit of the lifestyle.

They met at a very small bar that no one would recognize them at and they left there together and attended the party. He was intrigued by the play equipment and even more intrigued by those that actually were using it. He watched as one girl was tied up and another was being flogged and yet another being spanked.

He wanted to try all of it himself and his little “study buddy” was ready to teach him as she walked around in her cute little outfit that barely covered her ass. A cute little white top that he could see her ripe, pink nipples through and a little skirt that barely covered a snatch that he wanted to lick and fuck.

She took him by the hand and walked him around the room and since it was a private party he was able to watch some serious sexual acts in progress. She walked over to a spanking post and she asked him if he would like to teach her a lesson as she had been a bad girl. She handed him the paddle and lifted her skirt to expose her white cotton panties that covered her luscious sweet ass.


He took the paddle from her hand and slowly began to spank her and she told him to spank her harder and harder. She then asked him to come to her so she could whisper into his ear and he did as she asked. She told him that she really needed to have some release and would he mind slipping his finger under her panties as he spanked her.

He couldn’t believe what she was asking of him and this woman obviously had no idea she had been heaven sent to him. His cock got so hard thinking about touching her he almost exploded right there. He began to spank her cute little ass and he slipped hi hand under her panties and slowly moved his fingers down to her bud of pleasure.

He spanked her harder and harder as he played with her wet pussy and slipped his finger into her and she begged him to make her cum. He massaged her clit and she screamed out as she clutched the sides of the spanking podium. She then asked him to please fuck her, yes professor please give me every inch of your cock she begged.

But please stand in front of me first she asked. He walked around to face her and she unzipped his pants and began to lick the tip of his cock and she began to stroke him and rub his balls. This made him insanely crazy with desire and she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth and stroked him at the same time.

Just when he was ready to cum she stopped and asked him to please “park his car” in her garage and he knew exactly what she meant. He walked around behind her and her lovely ass was bent over the spanking podium just begging for his cock. He grabbed her hips and she spread her legs wide open and he took the tip of his cock and placed it at her wet opening.

He then slid inside her and the pleasure over came him as he rocked back and forth. This is what he needed and wanted a nice sweet ass to spank and a little sub to suck his cock and fuck him. This was what he had been missing and he thought to himself “fuck emily, she wont give it to me I will get it elsewhere.”

His little study buddy had opened him up to a world that excepted him and she had given him the best sex he had received in many years. She was so happy to receive his cock and after he fucked her she thanked him as if he had opened a door for her. She wanted nothing from him but his friendship and she had told him how much she had enjoyed the evening and they must do it again soon.

He agreed with her and thanked her for showing him a world that made his life fun again and the sex was fantastic as well. He had finally found his place in the world and his “friend” had been kind enough to introduce him to her friends and they welcomed him. They had encouraged him to return and even had given him their email addy’s to keep in contact.