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He had a long day at the office and the week was even longer and he had looked forward to throwing down the reins and letting her take control. He slid into the back of the car and his driver said “directly home sir?” and he answered with an exhaling yes.

He was never without numerous cell phones and ipad and he was always on the run and his phones where a great source of communication and to surf the net without anyone knowing it was him.

He had always been so careful to cover his tracks as his wife always kept an eye on him and even now during his divorce he was still being very cautious. They had grown up together, literally and they knew each other so well or so he had thought.

He couldn’t wait to be totally free of this woman so he could be with the woman he really wanted to explore and devour sexually as well as mentally. This woman was so damn exciting his cock twitched with the smallest of thought of her.

He could only imagine the scent of her perfume and her subtle beauty which was only enhanced by the small amount of make up she wore. She was a beautiful woman in his eyes and he knew that he would be with her one day and hopefully that day would come very soon.

He knew it would be another eight months before he was totally free and he knew better than to meet this woman before he was totally free. He knew she would never waste time with a man going through a divorce and he also knew she wanted him to explore other women before coming to her.

She was a very intelligent woman who knew that men need to be sexually promiscuous when they are going through a divorce as they have the primal need to taste all the pussy they can as if they had been starved from it their entire lives.

She also knew that this was nothing but a male phase and he would tire of it soon enough. He wanted no one but this woman but he just could not convince her of his desire to be with her and her alone.

He rested his head on the back of the seat and closed his eyes as he let himself fall into a wonderful fantasy. He could only imagine what it felt like to be in her total control, bowing down to his maiden and being set free.

tns_2030331He could only imagine what she would do to him and he wanted her to do it all. The very thought of her confining him to a bed naked make his cock jump with excitement and all he could think about was the leather straps around his wrists.

She was a forceful woman and she owned his cock, yes every inch of his cock was hers and hers alone. He thought about being spread eagled on the velveteen bed spread and having the cock cage on just waiting for her to release him.

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He looked forward to totally submitting to her and having her pull on the chain attached to his cock was thrilling and made him so hard. This female had excited him like no other ever had and he had to have her at any cost.

He just knew that she would tease his cock and bring him to the edge and deny him the orgasm that he so craved. But he also knew that the more she did this the better his orgasm would be, that’s if she let him shoot his wad.

If he made her mad he also knew that she would bring him to the edge several times and then take his purple throbbing manhood and wrap it in a bag of frozen peas. Yes she was the type of woman who would totally deny him the right to enjoy the release that he so needed and wanted.