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She had worn steel toed boots for years as part of her “uniform” required by her employer at the Steel Mill. She had hired in as a labor just like everyone else and so many told her she was to intelligent not to improve her standing, at least at the mill.

So many of the men had befriended her as she was not some little pussy wanting them to do her work and she collect a paycheck. The skilled trade guys really took a shine to her and one electrician in particular encouraged her to start taking classes so she could pass the test and transfer into the electrical department.

So she invested the time to learn and she passed her class c test, than class b and finally class a. She had put more miles on those steel toed boots than a cheap ass whore and her feet were in badly need of some love and affection.

She decided it was time to treat herself to a pedicure as her feet where always sore and ached. This was something that had been troublesome most of her life as she had difficulty finding shoes that fit properly as well.

She had dreamed of one day being able to afford getting her shoes custom made so she would no longer suffer the foot pain of every day shoe wear and tear. She enjoyed a good pedicure and that was exactly what she was giving herself for Christmas, a nice pedicure.

She had posted some of her foot pictures online and she had a following and so many wanted to tribute her so she could continue to get regular pedicures. It was the one thing she would accept without question, free pedicures so rocked and really made her feet feel so good.

She was going out to dinner with someone new she had met and she had agreed to meet him at the restaurant. She walked through the hotel to  Guilio’s & Sons, a restaurant she hadn’t been to in years and she was so hoping the food was still as good as she had known.

As usual her feet her and walking in heels was always so damn painful and she couldn’t wait to sit down. She entered the restaurant and told the maitre d  she was expected by a certain gentleman of name and she was led to his table.

He had chosen a table in the extreme rear of the restaurant and the candle lit table set quite the obionce for the evening. She slipped into the booth and she told him her feet were killing her as she removed her shoes.

He said “aww baby let me rub them for you” and so she scooted over so she could put her feet into his lap. He was a foot man and he loved everything about her feet and he actually would get a hard on just looking at her well manicured feet.

She could feel his erection next to the side of her foot and she could see the delight on his face to rub her feet and massage her toes. As he rubbed them the waitress came to the table and asked if they would care for a drink. He ordered a bottle of semi sweet white wine and the waitress didn’t appear to even notice the foot play.

They continued to talk as he rubbed and massaged and he told her he was so fucking horny he couldn’t stand it. He told her he needed a foot job and couldn’t wait to have his cock between her feet. She was driving him crazy and he so badly needed the release.

He told her he needed to excuse himself for a few minutes and that he needed to run to the store on the floor below. She removed her feet and let him slide out of the booth and she began to nipple of the fresh veggie tray he had ordered. 

Several minutes later he returned and slid back into the booth and took her feet and placed them back into his lap. He then placed the napkin over her feet on his lap and got comfortable.

No one could see her feet but it was obvious she was quite comfortable and that is exactly what he had wanted. He massaged her feet and once again his cock was rock hard and the thought of her black stockings massaging his cock made him practically beg her for a foot job right then and there.

She looked at him and said “my dear if a foot job will make you happy then so be it” and without hesitation he pulled out his cock and asked her to massage his cock with her feet. The feel of her stockings was a  massive turn on and with several strokes of her feet he had already produced pre cum which seeped out of his jap eye.

He asked her to unhook her stockings so he could remove them and she did as he had asked. He pulled of her stockings exposing two beautifully naked feet that felt so good and so damn soft.

He pulled out a small squirt body of lubrication which he had purchased at the store earlier. He squirted the lube onto his cock and she began to stroke his member with the inside of her feet.

She told him she would love to fuck him right there and that she would love to lick his ass and taint as she stroked his cock. She was a naughty girl and he so loved when she talked dirty to him as this excited him even further.

The waitress walked up and placed a bread basket on the table and asked if they were ready to order. He sat there so engulfed in his foot job he almost had forgotten what he was going to order for them for dinner. He was finally able to spit out their dinner order and the entire time she hadn’t missed a single stroke.

This woman was fucking fantastic, literally a man’s dream of dreams and no one had ever come close to the happiness she had brought him. Sexually she was a total dynamo and she never turned him down for sex and so often was one to start things going.

She continued to nibble on the veggies as she talked dirty to him and he had opened his legs as wide as he could so as to enjoy himself and let her massage his balls as well. His cock was purple with pleasure and he would occasionally giggle like a little boy.

He loved the thought of doing something so naughty right in public without anyone knowing and the thought of getting caught was really exciting to him as well. Just as the waitress walked up to the table with their dinner he shot his was into the napkin and all over her feet.

He had to literally shove his fist in his mouth to keep himself quiet and he was so sure that the waitress knew what was going on. The very thought of her knowing was an even bigger turn on for the both of them. He cleaned off her feet and let his cock air dry while they ate their dinner.

He then promised to be good to her and he slipped her stocking back on and she hooked them to her garter. She slid next to him and told him her pussy was so wet and she so wanted to cum but needed his helping hand.

He slid his hand up under her dress and under her panties and began to massage her very wet crotch. He slipped his finger into her wetness and then moved up to her clit and he rolled it between his thumb and finger which drove her crazy.

The waitress had returned and asked if they cared for desert and he politely told her “no thank you” and continued to finger her wetness. He knew that the waitress was well aware of what he was doing but said nothing as a good waitress would do.

He fingered her and played with her clit until she dug her teeth into his shoulder which told him she was finally releasing her pent-up orgasm. Both of them were extremely full and tired and so ready for a nap and both agreed the evening had been a successful one.