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So many of us want our yesterday’s back and some try to chase their yesterday through their children’s lives. You see this all of the time as women become stage mom’s and father’s relive their own sports involvement through their children’s involvement.

It’s pretty much the same thing when people get divorced as so many merry way to young and never had the chance to sow their wild oats. Men going through a divorce tend to go after the women 15-20 yrs. younger than they are as the women make them feel “young” again.

The woman isn’t interested in the man but what he has instead. Men know instinctively that their job is to procreate and spreading their seed is part of his responsibility as a man. Women on the other hand are taught to provide a secure and nurturing home and to seek out security.

Women more often than not want a man to support them first and foremost and they want that man to provide them with gifts, money and pleasure. There are few women that are strong enough not to want or need a man to support them and that allows the woman to let a man into their lives only if she sees him as worthy.

I am no exception as I have had a very difficult time finding men that hold my interest and keep me mentally stimulated. Yes, I am picky but I can afford to be because I know money and material possessions won’t be there when you need someone to listen, they won’t hold you when you need a hug or to cry, they won’t make love to you and they will never satisfy your hunger to be understood and to connect.

The thing is it seems to take people a while before they realize what they missed in their youth can never be recaptured. We can never turn back the hands of time and we can never make up for the things we missed out on in our youth.

You can have sex with a thousand women when youre going through a divorce but you will find that most of the women are so damn shallow and give you nothing. Sure, you may fuck them and maybe get your cock sucked but your mind?

Nope, you will not meet a shitload of women that excite your mind and you will get tired of playing the “I want to get fucked tonight” game. It isn’t comforting waking up next to someone you don’t know and feeling like you cant wait to get dressed and leave.

When you finally get tired of the bed hopping you finally get the balls to finally meet the only woman who is constantly on your mind. Until you meet her no other woman will hold your attention for very long.

You fear the very woman who you want so desperately and your life will never get any better or you get any happier until you finally set your fears aside and go for the very woman who rules your heart and soul.

What is it you are truly afraid of? That no amount of money or fame can make her want you? Not even the fact that you could give her the world will make her love you? O yes, she may find you very attractive but even that wont make her love you. What will make her love you, you may ask?

She wants to know the man not the myth, she wants to make snow angels and you lie beside her making your own, she wants to walk in the snow and have snow flakes land on her tongue and then french kiss you. She wants to just be silly with you and you let your guard down and let the child within out.

Yes, she has hopes and dreams and those dreams include you my dear, they include spending your birthday with you just laughing and enjoying each other’s company. She doesn’t want gifts or money she just wants to know what the connection between the two of you is.

Please let go of your fears and meet this woman, meet the love of your life. Meet the woman who will change your life in more ways than you can ever imagine. She doesn’t want to tie you down, no she wants to see you fly and be the man who you should be and she knows exactly how to  teach you to grow and be so happy.