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`He walked into the dark, empty apartment wanting nothing more than to fall into a deep sleep. As he walked from room to room he discarded pieces of clothing dropping each piece without a second thought.

He went into the kitchen and grabbed something cold to drink and then headed towards the bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet and pissed for what seemed to be a ten minute span.

He pushed open the door to his bedroom and was shocked to see two bodies on his bed. He said loudly “what the fuck” and the two girls through back the covers and laughed as the waved him to join them.

He crawled in between them with his shy face on and they attacked him like a plate of fresh pasta. Each one of them had handcuffs which were placed on his wrists and ankles.

the ankle cuffs were then attached to a chain which made him  lay spread eagled. He wanted to find his threshold of pain and these two women surely would help him find it without hesitation.

The one put nipple clamps on his nipples and the other put clothes pins on his balls which was just the beginning of the pain he would experience. They took turns flogging his legs and chest and then one of them burned away his pubic hair with a candle.

Then she poured the hot wax on his cock and inserted a urethra spreader into his jap eye. As he laid there he thought to himself ” all I wanted to do was sleep and this is what I get instead”.

These women were hot as they were dressed in leather and masks so no one could see their faces. As he laid there they slowly removed their clothing and exposed huge tits and nice ripe asses.

His cock instantly grew and wanted to feel the inside of both of them and he begged them to sit on his cock. They both just laughed and then used their crops to slap his cock and balls.

The one bent over him and ordered him so suck her nipples and the other one began to lick and suck his balls and cock. She began to massage his taint which was really exciting and made him so fucking hard.

The other one finally stood up and then crawled onto the bed as she lowered herself to his mouth and order him to lick her until she came. Then the other woman sat backwards on his cock riding him like a horse.

These woman knew how to make a man go wild and as the one riding his face began to explode so did he inside of the other woman. She milked his cock and then she slid is cock into her ass.

She road is cock long and hard with her ass as the other one began to kiss him deep with lovely french kisses. His mind was in oblivion as his cock was in a tight ass and he was being kissed by such a pro.

Once these women were done with him they undid his handcuffs and ordered him into the shower. They washed him from the bottom of his feet to his face and then they washed his hair.

They got out of the shower and dried off and had him step out of the shower so they could dry him off as well. They applied warm oil to his freshly showered body and then they tucked him in bed and told him to have sweet dreams as they exited the apartment.