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All he ever did was work, travel, work and more work and as long as he stayed busy he didn’t have to think about the things that made his life so unhappy. He didn’t have to focus on his emotional wants or needs and he certainly didn’t spend anytime thinking about what could have been or should have been.

He had taken the third biggest step of his life which fell behind his career than his decision to retire and now to divorce. He had been a great provider, not so great father but he had tried.

His career had always taken first place in his life as did with most men and he tried to keep his private life as private as possible. He married at a very young age and his wife was his first serious love when he was in his teens.

She was so much like his mother in so many ways but as the money came out went the sweet, simple girl he had known. He did not go unscathed either as he had learned the ways of the extremely wealthy and he had come to enjoy the lifestyle.

He still had his fame and people still bowed when he walked into a room and yes there still were those that would speak in hushed voices “look who’s here, the great bati” as he had come to be known.

So many women still wanted to be with him and so many men still wish they had a quarter of the talent that this man had. Even in midlife he still had the talent and he still was able to put it between the poles.

He wanted to do the right thing and take care of his wife and kids and he wasn’t a cheap man and yes he was a fair man. His wife didn’t want fair she wanted it all and that wasn’t going to happen.

He knew he had to be careful and he would not lose anymore than he had to so he was cautious. He didn’t want to involve anyone into the hate filled world of divorce and he surely wouldn’t let anyone damage him beyond repair.

He had flown into the same city, same airport and he drove home in the early morning hours. The thing about New York was you could get whatever you wanted whenever you wanted and it was always so nice.

He couldn’t wait to get home, he couldn’t wait to get her in his arms and to make love to this woman. He had waited for so many years and in the beginning it never occurred to him that he would ever be with her.

As the years past and he became more unhappy at home he knew there was only one woman for him. He knew they were soul mates and nothing and nobody would ever change that.

He drove up in front of the apartment and figured he would sneak in quietly and catch her in a blissful sleep under the Egyptian cotton sheets. He had stopped and picked up some tea and croissants and assumed he would feed her in bed.

He had no idea that she had planned an early morning surprise for him. He had no idea she was going to have him her way,  just like burger king. He walked up the stairs and placed the key into the lock and opened the door.

He walked into the dining room and sat down the tea and croissants and he then walked down the hall to the bedroom. He pushed open the door to find the bed empty and made as if it had not been slept in at all.

This confused him and worried him as he thought something bad had happened and she had left. He then walked quickly to the living and that is where he found her sitting. She was dressed in a new leather top and skirt and she wore the lovely black stockings with seems that he so loved.

Her black high heels made one follow-up her legs with their eyes and settle directly on her crotchless panty loveliness. This woman knew how to entice a man and she knew how to use her body and her assets for all they were worth.

He walked over to her and bent down and kissed her and slipped his hand up under her dress and he went for her center. She slapped away his hand and told him that he would not play switch with her and she was in charge.

She ordered him to stand in front of her and help her up out of the chair and he did as told. She removed his tie as she backed him up against the wall. Once he could no further she ground her hips into his cock, which was already hard.

She french kissed him deep and then licked his ear and kissed his neck as she ran her hands over his chest and over his hardness. She told him she was going to enjoy herself by taking what she wanted from his body.

She whispered in his ear that she was going to undress him, tie him up, suck his cock and then fuck him until she was pleased. She told him that she was going to lower herself over his mouth and he was to bring her to an orgasm.

She also informed him that when she was done with him he was to bathe her, dry her off, rub her body with oil and then they were to go to bed and rest for several hours. Once they woke she was going to take him again and he would enjoy every bit of it and beg for her never to stop.

He always enjoyed being with her as she was so fun and full of naughty,  not like most women that fucked you just for what they could get. She was so different as she actually enjoyed licking and sucking his cock and she enjoyed riding him. 

Yes, he had fucked other women but he had never met a single woman who held a candle to this woman and he knew he never would find anyone that could even to begin to compete with her.

She didn’t want anything from him and she gave so much just to see him smile and this was so rare for him. His life had always been about what others could get from him not give to him and he had found someone who enjoyed being with him no matter what they were doing.

He so enjoyed how she would take control and he was left to follow her lead. He was no longer in charge and he had to do as she wished. He loved how she would take him in her mouth and look into his eyes as she sucked on his manhood.

This was so damn exciting to him and he always looked forward to how she would bend over in front of him and remove her panties and spread her legs so he could enter her tight ass.

He would hold onto her hips and gently enter her ass and then after a few movements he was all the way inside of her. He enjoyed fucking her tightness and then exploding inside of her.

Once done he would remove his condom and then turn her over and enter her lovely wetness and look into her eyes and he knew they had become one. There was no one that could please him like she did and she did it with love.

This woman made his world a happy place, she made him feel desired and so loved and he hadn’t felt that in so long. She was his personal gift from God and he had deserved her and she him and together they built a world that only they would share.