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He had been very defiant all day as he addressed his Miss looking her in the eyes, which he knew he was never to do. He was always required to look down when he addressed her and never ever to interrupt her when she replied. He had been testy all day and she could tell something was bothering him but he did not discuss it with her, instead took out his bad mood on her.

She was not going to tolerate this behavior and she told him as much as she ordered him into her dungeon. He was going to pay for his defiance and it was almost as if he was behaving like this one purpose so she would punish him. He followed her looking downwards as he had been ordered to from day one.

They reached the dungeon door and he opened the door for her as a good submissive should and he followed behind her with heavy anticipation of what was to occur next. She turned to him and ordered him to remove his new maid outfit and the under garments that she required to him wear, the garter, stockings, crotchless panties and bra.

He stood before her naked and feeling vulnerable as she walked around him with crop in hand. She hit his legs with the crop as she walked behind him then gave him a good swift hit on his lower ass cheeks. He had been bad and she was going to teach him a lesson that he was in need of badly.

She hit the side of his leg and then slapped his balls and cock hard as she faced him. She placed the nipple clamps on his nipples, mini clothes pins on his balls and she had him straddle the spanking bench. She lifted up his ass cheeks and spread them enough to get a good hit on his taint.

That is where it hurt the most and she spared him nothing as she spanked him over and over until he had tears falling from his eyes. She then had him back up against the wall and she handcuffed his hands and feet in a spread eagle position. She pulled off the nipple clamps and the clothes pins with slow pulls and that hurt like as hell as well.

She then told him he was never to act the way he had earlier in the day and that he was to apologize for his behavior by writing a twenty page letter to her explaining why he had behaved in such a manner. She then held the zapper to his balls until he screamed out and begged her over and over to stop.

She had told him that she would not tolerate his attitude and she had gotten the perfect solution to stop such behavior. She undid the shackles around his ankles and walked into the other room grabbing a bag off of the table. Her heels clicked the floor as she walked up to him and showed him the bag and told him they were going to enjoy this gift that kept on giving.

She removed a leather female chastity belt that she had modified not only for the plug but for the remote shocking device. She slid it up his legs and tightened the strap around his waist so it fit snugly yet still comfortable. She made sure the plug was as far up his ass as she could push it and the shock device made good contact with his balls.

She stood back and admired the new toy and the perfect fit it had on him and then she pulled out the remote. She pushed the button once and the shock to his balls gave him a hell of a shock to his brain as well. She then went upstairs and he thought he was free of her wickedness but to his surprise out of nowhere came another shock to his balls.

She then turned on the stereo and thought to herself, “now music could make one so creative” and she pushed the remote to the beat of the music. He was in the dungeon moving to the beat as well but not from the music but instead from the shocks to his balls following the beat of the music.

She finally came back downstairs about an hour later and she undid the cuffs and ordered him to dress. She showed him the key to the chastity belt and she told him the next time he spoke to her he would have a different attitude and he totally agreed with her. He also knew he would have to beg her to remove the chastity belt so he could use the restroom and that would be so humiliating to him.

She ordered him to eat his dinner in the corner on the floor and then she ordered him into the cage next to her bed. She locked him in the cage with a blanket, pillow and teddy bear. She knew he could be such a crying bitch at times and she knew he would cry himself to sleep because of his own actions. Both Mistress and sub fell into a blissful sleep looking forward to what the morning would hold.