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Women are taught to be good wives, loving mothers, we are taught to be the pillar of our family and to always be there for everyone. We are taught to cook, clean, take care of injuries and apply band aids.

We are expected to hold down a job, make dinner, keep the house clean, pay the bills and fuck the husband. But few know what a real woman is and what she is about and allow her to express herself.

A real woman will masturbate and feel not an ounce of guilt, she will give her husband a blow job the second he walks in the door because she has the urge to suck his cock. A real woman will allow herself to have a threesome because she wants to know what a woman tastes like and what it’s like to go down on another woman while being fucked.

A real woman is proud of her body, the excess weight, stretch marks, saggy tits and ass as well. That woman is proud of herself and how she has fought adversity at every turn.

A real woman will ask to have anal sex because she wants to make her man happy as well as trying something different that may excite her as well. A real woman will tie her mate up and make him watch her masturbate just to get him excited.

That same woman will always keep her relationship fresh and exciting and she will always make her mate happy because that is what her life is about. Making others happy as well as herself.

Have you ever met that type of woman? Yes, I’m pleased to meet you….