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Some people reek of sex, the exude it from every pore and you just know that if you were having sex with them that it would take you to a place that you would never want to return from.

There are those that just “have it” whatever that is and you just want to be with them and experience them sexually. People are either sexy or they are not it is not something you can buy or find or even attempt to be. You  are or are not a sexual human being that is just sexy.

People that are sexy have the potential to be very exciting sexually and people like that are the ones that draw so much attention, generally without trying. A sexy woman is hard to beat and she has that something so many men want to taste, feel, and linger between her thighs.

People that are sexy are the ones we want to experience our “sins” with as we know or think we know that they will accept us and our kinks. A sexy man makes me so wet and yes I will masturbate with his picture in my mind.

I’m a sexy woman who not only will want you to show her your kinky side, hell I will encourage it and probably even entice you with her own fetishes and kinks. I am the woman who likes the dark side of life and finds a man exciting when he reveals his deviant behavior.

I am the woman who wants that special guy who looks proper to the outside world but is open and alive in the bedroom. He enjoys exploring and trying new things sexually and he is open to adding a third to bedroom play.

I am the woman who so many men find interesting as I am not the conventional woman who lies on her back and spreads her legs. I am a very willing and active participant sexually and I hope you are too.

I am also the woman so many men fear as men have been brought up to be the dominant one and taught that women are to be submissive. I may be a dominant female but the right man I will submit to as I choose to please him.

There should never be a total dominant and total submissive in any one on one relationship as that is not conducive to growth and maturity. Role reversal is healthy and can be exciting with an open mind.