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I cannot believe he has thought of everything, Spearment and Ginger shampoo and creme rinse, Caswell and Massey Pauttioli soap, Vitabath body wash, new tooth brush and Crest cinnamon toothpaste in the dispenser in the shower. This all is mind boggling to me, as how could he have known these are my favorite hygiene products. I do my morning shower ritual and step out of the shower and use a plush towel to dry myself as I stand under the warm heat lamps that blow a gentle stream of warm air down over head to finish the drying process. As I prepare to exit the bathroom, there is a plush rope hanging on the back of the door with my name embroidered on it. I just start to laugh to myself, I hate being a foregone conclusion and I will teach him a lesson that he shall never forget. I tiptoe quickly back to my side of the bed and slowly crawl back in and cover my cold body with the plush blankets and comforter.