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He stood there in a daze, she would forgive him yes should would she always did. She always gave in but this time he wasn’t so sure but still he tried to convince himself that everything would work out. Little did he know he had hurt her one to many times and she was done? She had cried too many tears over him and she refused to do it again, anyway he was taboo-married. If a married man will cheat on his wife he will always cheat and she just had no desire to continue investing into a dead end street.

He had set her up only not to show up and made her feel humiliated beyond believe. She wanted to beat the shit out of him and walk away but she had no desire to even see his face.

It finally hit him that she was serious and he had fucked up big time. He realized he couldn’t correct his wrong with words. He knew she didn’t trust him or believe anything he had to say to her, he knew what he would do he would show up at her door unexpected with a bouquet of wild flowers, her favorite. She couldn’t refuse to open her door to him after traveling so far, no she just couldn’t.

She needed sex like she needed oxygen and she was not going to wait one more minute. She was going to get her some one way or the other as she drove to the store to get some cigarettes. Her mind flashed back to the humiliation and she said out loud to no one “that fucking bastard”. She was so distracted that she had cars lined up behind her wanting to get their morning java jump.

As she was standing in line she dropped her keys and bent to pick them up and as she stood up a hot guy spilled his coffee all over her. He was deeply apologetic and asked her out for coffee. They went next door to the local restaurant and she listened to him intently forcing herself to look away from this extremely handsome man’s face.

They chatted and found that they had much in common and made arrangements to meet again. As they walked out of the restaurant he asked her if she would like him to launder her blouse and under garments but she just laughed and said no thank “you”.

She had done everything but throw acid in her x lovers face but he just wouldn’t leave her alone. She felt like a caged animal and was sick of his shit and just wanted to live a quiet peaceful life. He had fucked up so bad and she didn’t feel one bit sorry for him. On the other hand, he was remorseful and worried because he didn’t know what to do to win her back. He’d given her a couple of days to cool down but she wouldn’t budge.

He had no choice but to go to her, she couldn’t turn him away she just couldn’t. He knew the best time to get her alone would be in the morning when the kids were at school and she hadn’t gotten dressed yet. Yes he would bring her flowers and fuck her-now that would make her happy, as he was an expert lover. At the same time he was booking his flight, she was making out with her new specimen. She loved to kiss and a good kisser she was at that, she had always been told how passionate of a kisser she was and she was always flattered.

She danced through her day and that night when she went to bed she finally got a restful sleep. She woke up rested and laid there and stretched and she was greeted with doggie kisses. She got out of bed and as her feet touched the cold wooden floor that made her want to pee right there. As she’s doing her morning elimination she heard the doorbell ring. Who in the fuck would be here so early? Fucking Frank from next door probably has some smartass thing to say to her and she was ready for him. Yes she was going to rip him a new asshole and close the door.

She grabbed her rag of a robe (even though she had several brand new ones) and covered her naked body and headed towards the door with her 5 dogs barking in unison. She hated that, really got on her nerves all that barking for what? The asshole next door, that son of a bitch was going to pay for this.

She opened the door with an angry yank and before she saw who was at the door she said “What the fuck do you want Frank?” but it wasn’t frank no it was Mr. round-black and white as she referred to him, Mr. pretty boy who had fucked more women than the stash of newly pressed $1.00 bills in Fort Knox.

He said sorry I’m not Frank and she just stared at him, she heard his voice recognized his face but couldn’t wrap her mind around why he was there. Probably is financially desperate and came to beg for money, well he was shit out of luck. He asked her if she was going to invite him in and she said no, so he just opened the screen door and pushed her back stepped inside and grabbed her and kissed her until she was breathless. He was determined to win her back.
She had no choice but to invite him in and he followed her into the kitchen rambling on, his mouth moving as fast as his feet could. They stood in the kitchen and she placed her hands on the granite counter top as if she were ready for war. He sheepishly handed her a bouquet of wild flowers, her favorite, she took the flowers and said thank you flatly. She took the Waterford vase out of the closet and as she was filling it she cut the stems of the wild flowers on the diagonal.
He couldn’t keep his hands off her as he walked around the island and grabbed her and told her she would never get away from him.
She decided ok you fucker “let me show you how I really feel” and she lead him to her secret wall. She had a room built that was sound proof and padded. This was the wildest room he had ever seen. There were chains and handcuffs hanging from the ceiling, an awesome sex swing that she had designed herself, chairs for those that like up both ends at the same time, there was a table filled with dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, whips, creams, lotions ect. She really had quite a display laid out.
She told him he had been a very bad boy and she was going to punish him. The excitement glistened in his eyes but he had no idea how mad she really was and he would find out shortly.
She walked up to him and slowly brought her lips to his and nibbled on his bottom lip and then she ran her tongue along his lips very slowly and her tongue sneaked into her his mouth searching for the tongue dance. They kissed passionately as she ran her hands over his chest and down to his crotch. There was no denying it he was horny, his cock twitching in his pants. Throbbing and wanting her to touch him without clothing he couldn’t stand the pain too much longer.
She started to unbutton his shirt, damn she turned him on so seductive every movement planned and executed with precision. She slowly and methodically removed his shirt and moved on to his belt and pants. She was driving him insane and she knew it.
He had worn spandex white boxer briefs just like she liked and he thought to himself, “well honey to can play this game” he knew how she loved to look at men in boxer briefs with a hard on and he knew she was already wet. He couldn’t wait to bury his face into her essence and make her scream his name.
She led him to the chains hanging from the ceiling and said to him “my bad boy it is time for you to be punished” and she slowly placed the handcuffs around is wrists. She kissed him hard and worked her way down his chest and slowly removed his briefs and she would give the head of his cock a quick lick and make him groan in pain.
She put cuffs around his ankles and she had made a sliding board that forced him to spread his legs quite far. Lucky for him he has awesome legs in great shape. She said “don’t go anywhere love I have something special for you” as she walked into the other room. She talked loud enough for him to hear her say “I’m going to suck your cock and lick your balls until you’re blue, massage your prostrate until you beg and if you are really remorseful I will let you lick and fuck my ass.”
He stood there waiting with anticipation for her punishment her punishments were also so sweet and delectable. He could hear her high heels clicking the floor and as she entered the room he thought he would pass out. She was wearing black leather that zipped up the front and crotchless. She was snapping her gloves to get a better fit and she had a riding crop under her arm. She walked up to him and asked him “will you ever humiliate me again, you worm?” all he could do was look at the floor and softly say “no”. She walked behind him and ran the crop down the middle of his back and up his ass and between his legs.
The touch was so erotic and sensual his cock was turning blue and he begged her for release. She told him “there is no release for the wicked” and then he felt the first blow. This hurt like hell and wasn’t part of their usual play, he had no idea she wasn’t playing but really punishing him. He said “hon be gentle now” and she said, “Fuck you” and then he heard the whizzing of the crop in the air and felt the next blow. “Now hon he said, let’s play nice” she was having none of his shit and told him “remember you like roll play” as she back handed him across the face. She was more than angry she had been humiliated and made to feel degraded and if he thought a sorry was going to fix this he was dead wrong.
She walked in front of him and lightly touched his cock and balls with the crop and she could see fear in his eyes. He begged her please not to hurt him anymore and she made it clear that she was just beginning.
She slowly kneeled before him and said my dear Gabriel would you like mama to suck your cock? In a hoarse voice he said “please hon, please suck my cock” and she did just that, she sucked his cock and applied pressure to his balls and cock, this woman knew what she doing and she was going to make him cum any minute. She brought him to the edge and then stopped making him want her more. She did this several times which was pure torture to his cock.
She got up and undid his handcuffs and had him follower her to the king size bed with a plastic sheet on it. She rubbed him down with oil and massaged his body from head to toe and he was relaxed yet horny has fuck.
They kissed and he sucked her nipples and played with her clit but she wouldn’t let him play for to long. She blindfolded him and used silk scarves to tie his hands and feet to the bed. This woman made him fucking crazy; he never knew what to expect which was always so exciting. She moved to the bottom of the bed and began to slowly lick his second toe, holy mother of God he thought as the shockwave shot up his leg and made his cock hard as a rock. How the hell does she do this he wondered? He had never experienced anyone quite like her before and he found that titillating. He felt something clamp down on his nipple, it hurt but not unbearable and then he felt the same thing on the other nipple.
She spoke softly and gently to him asking him why he did what he did to her and all he could say was that he had been an idiot. As soon as the t came out of his mouth he felt a jolt of electricity run through his nipples and before he could say a word she increased the voltage and hit him with it again.
She wasn’t playing with him she was actually quite pissed and she was going to make him remember how she felt. He begged her to stop but she just increased the voltage every time, which actually did excite him. She stood up and slowly lowered her delicate but close enough so he could lick her wetness and taste her essence. She came with a roar that made him almost cum but he would hold back, he would give this bitch a fucking of her life.
She finally fell next to him breathless and exhausted and he said, “ honey, I really am sorry” and she said to him “ I know you are but you enjoyed your punishment didn’t you?” he said he enjoyed it quite a bit. The thought of a woman dominating him sexually was fun and exciting. He rolled over on top of her and spread her legs with his and he said “daddy’s got a big surprise for mommy” and he thrust is rock hard cock into her with full force, which made her gasp. She loved when he fucked her deep and fast and they both came together with loud screams of pleasure.