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I had just finished showering and I was rubbing my body with dry oil which smelled so clean and fresh. I finished with my toilet and stepped into my panties and slid them up and over my ass and then I  reached for my garter belt. I put on my garter belt and carefully reached for my stocking, the smallest hang nail would run the delicate stocking and I wasn’t about to have any of that. I slowly maneuvered my foot into the toe and slid them up my leg, working them back and forth as I went higher and higher.


I put the other stocking on just as gingerly and put on my lace bra. I then stepped into my high heels and I was ready to go, almost. His closet was filled with suits and I knew he wouldn’t mind if I borrowed a jacket for my “show”. I could hear him enter the house and put down his briefcase.

I called him into the bedroom where I awaited his entrance. I put on some very seductive music and when he walked in I timed my dance to the song. I looked at him as I slowly slid down the door jam of the bathroom and back up and then I walked over to him and grabbed him by his tie.

I had him follow me to the bed where I pushed him down and pulled up a chair. As I sat down he watched me with strange fascination and I could see he was totally intrigued. I place my feet on either side of him and told him to tell me what he wanted to do to me and as he talked I worked my hand down under my panties.

I massaged myself as he spoke and the crotch of my panties were soaked with my juices. I couldn’t help but scream out his name as I came and when I was through I pushed away from the bed and got on my knees pulling on his pants to stand up. I was before him on my knees when I released his bulging and throbbing cock.

I teased and played with the head and under the head as I massaged his balls. I slowly licked and sucked and took him into my mouth stroking him all the way. His cock was a dark purple and I knew he would shoot a hell of a load and as I thought that he screamed out he was cumming.

I drank his juices and licked him clean and pushed him back onto the bed and climbed on top of him. I rubbed my wetness on his cock and he became hard again. He held his cock so I could mount him and I slowly lowered myself down onto him and rode him until he screamed my name.

We laid side by side and looked at each other and busted out laughing, don’t ask me why we just did.