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He was soon to be 46 yrs. of age and he was feeling his age and not enjoying it one bit. He had lived with pain for years as his youth was one of much physical activity which had caught up to him.

He was used to having his ass kissed by others and he didn’t enjoy it one bit and was just plain sick of those that leeched onto him. He was sick of his life in general and he was especially sick of his wife and her bullshit.

He couldn’t wait to totally uncouple from her and be free of her living his life as he so chose to. He knew that the only person he wanted in his life was slipping away and he was helpless to stop her no matter how hard he tried to stay connected.

He knew she was a very sexual woman and a woman who needed to give to a man, a woman who needed a man’s touch and she needed to express her sexuality and enjoy the feeling of a man inside of her again.

He knew this was the year that she would finally give herself to a man and she would open up to someone and share her life and bed with him. He so wanted to be that man but he knew he couldn’t do a damn thing until he was free of his wife.

He also knew that only one woman could give him what he needed as well as what he wanted. She had wanted to be with him so badly and it started with an intellectual connection.

She just knew he would be a great conversationalist and he would keep her mentally stimulated. She also knew that they belonged together it was that soulmate connection that she had felt for all of these years.

Every time she felt that he was with a woman she would get physically sick to her stomach and she could no longer live like this. She so wanted to spend his birthday with him just chatting and laughing and she wanted to kiss his lips so badly.

She knew he wouldn’t meet her for his birthday and so she focused on the new man who had wanted to be with her. He had told her over and over that he wanted her but she still had refused to meet him.

She had been waiting for “him”, for the man who held her as a captive audience for six years. Yes, six long years they had played cat and mouse online and he was going to be a free man by the end of the summer.

The local one that wanted her had spent the past week with his five-year weekend girlfriend and he was trying to figure out how he was going to date her without losing the weekender.

She really didn’t  care if he saw the weekender or not because she knew the minute that “he” finally made arrangements to meet her she would be there. She knew she had to meet him because it had been written long ago that they were to be one.

She had decided not to sit and wait any longer for the one that was meant to be in her life. She knew he would come to her when the time was right but until that time he could not blame her for wanting to feel the pleasures of a man.