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She had registered her car, her kids in school, their yacht and now it was time to have her slave registered and “stamped”. He had begged her with tears in his eyes to take him on as her own slave and he would do anything to please her, anything at all.

He had finally gotten through that tough exterior of hers and she agreed to take him on at least on a trial basis. He had scrubbed her marble floors with a toothbrush, he had taken night classes to learn to cook like a chef, he had educated himself every way possible.

She was one that insisted on strict protocol by which one is to be dressed in a maids uniform that has been ironed, starched and  has no wrinkles, garter belt seemed stockings with the stockings straight, one must scrub floors on hands and knees and use a tooth-brush to get into the corners. toilets are to be scrubbed with a toothbrush. The slave must learn the master’s favorite food choices including snacks and serve the master and  guests at any event and after serving  then must hold a penny to the wall until summoned by the use of a shock collar on the cock.

One should rise at 5 a.m. have the dogs walked and fed, have a warm robe ready for master to slide into when master rises and have slippers ready to slip onto masters feet.
Slave should also have  protein shake ready for master and have the shower running to the perfect temperature that is suitable for master. Slave shall also join master in the shower to bathe  and wash the hair of his supreme leader. Then slave is to get out and dry off and wait for master to step out to dry her off and apply cream to her body.
Slave is to be sure that their entire body from the neck down is shaved completely. He shall have already laid out masters clothing for the day and be prepared to help her dress. He is to drive her to appts and shopping and carry her purse and put all bags into the car. he is to learn to prepare meals and set a table, do laundry, iron, clean and repair.

She had sat him down and gone over all of this with him and he a quick learner and had served her well. She had only punished him three times the first week and he was proud of the service he had given her.

It had been a month to the day and he was giddy with anticipation because this was his “do or die” day. This was the day that she would either take him on full-time or cut him loose to flounder and yes he would flounder without her.

She walked through the kitchen and stopped along the way to give her little puppies as she called them a few pieces of chicken. She loved her dogs and he knew that the dogs got the same care that she did, if not more.

She was such a soft-hearted woman when it came to animals and she made sure they were always given the best care and smelled so good. He took the dogs from her and excused himself properly to walk the dogs for their midday walk.

When he returned she was sitting at the table staring out the window and one could see she was lost in thought. He didn’t want to bother her so he put down the dogs and quietly went over to his mistress and asked if he could get her anything.

She slowly broke the trance that she was in and looked up at him and asked him to please have a seat. This was it he thought as he slowly lowered himself onto the chair making sure to sit with his feet crossed and tucked under the chair and his hands loosely in his lap with his eyes focused downward.

She reached over and ran her hand over his head and down his face and she said “my pet” I have something for you. She reached into her Hermes Birkin bag porosus rose sherezade and she withdrew a matching collar. She had commissioned Hermes to make the collar and it was beautiful, just beautiful and he couldn’t wait to have her put it on him.

She opened up her mac air book and had him move close to her so she could show him the gift he was going to give her first. She went to a very special website  https://www.slaveregister.com/ and together they registered him as her slave. He was then assigned a SLRN number and certificate of ownership.

Together, they framed his certificate until it could be professionally framed and then she had her favorite tattoo artist tattoo his SLRN number onto a tattoo of a lock and key on his cock.

As the artist was putting on the finishing touches to the tattoo she placed the collar around is neck, placed the lock on it and took the key and put it on a gold key chain. He was feeling quite proud and he was so happy to finally be the slave of such a lovely master.