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Most men fear a strong woman because she will not put up with him treating her less than the woman she is. I for one am a strong woman in many eyes because of the life I have lived.

I believe that everyone should live their life the way it pleases them but so many chose to hide that part of themselves that isn’t society acceptable. Some refuse to acknowledge their desire to try a sexual adventure with the same-sex or maybe they want to try a threesome, group sex, being dominated or dominating.

Society has made us fearful of being who we are and being rejected for our desires. I for one have always been a dominant woman who is confused with being a strong woman. I am a woman who is true to herself and after many years of being shut down I have finally come into my own.

There are so many things I want to experience in my life and I have started to do just that. I no longer hide my desires from myself and I am experiences the things that make me happy.

I am so multi-faceted that I even amaze myself at times at my emotional unrest. I so easily adapt to people and situations and this can be harmful so I must protect myself. I am the woman so many fear because they do not know me, they only know the persona I put out there.

I would never make a man who I felt was my equal to be anything other than who he was. A man must be a man and depending on his view of himself he may need to be the dom in the relationship or he may be a switch or even a sub/slave.

Relationships can be so daunting but if we are honest with ourselves and others we will find the perfect fit with another person. Im currently chatting with several guys, one that falls in the romantic section of my life and two others that may or may not work out as a sub for me.

I will never involve a sub sexually and I would never have my romantic affairs be with another totally vanilla individual again. I have found that I enjoy kinky and unusual and I enjoy experimenting and being creative sexually with one person.

I cannot help it that I enjoy exploiting the weakness of a man in the bedroom and I cannot help it if I find it a turn on to  tie a man up and subject him to tease and denial. I think the scariest thing about me is my ability to  draw people out of their shells and force them to acknowledge what has been hidden for so long.

People fear what they don’t understand and so many of us do not understand our own wants and desires. We are so afraid of being judged poorly, rejected, humiliated, degraded and thought of less than we are they we run from our true desires.

I know of someone who is famous, has beautiful green eyes and is six ft tall with a great ass and thighs. He hides his desires because of his fame and his reputations and he would never want his family to know the real him. This man needs a damn good queening and I am the queen that is the perfect fit for him.