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He ran a tight ship, a very tight ship and he enjoyed the sexual variety that he had been given the opportunity to sample. These ladies were lovely and every one of them loved their master.

They enjoyed pleasing him sexually as he pleased them just as much. He had become quite adept at rope work and he loved to tie up his women. He so enjoyed spanking them and using a crop on their sweet little asses.

He enjoyed having them satisfy his body, not one, not two but three or more at one time. He enjoyed ordering them about and he so enjoyed watching them pleasure each other while the chosen one was pleasuring him.

He loved having his cock sucked and entering their sweet tight asses and he enjoyed eating the pussy of his choice. This man was dominant by nature and that would never change. He so enjoyed his cock, the feel of it especially when he was rock hard.

He loved forcing women to suck his cock and shoving it deep into their throats while he fingered their cunts and prepared their asses to except his cock. He enjoyed inflicting pain on them and watching them get sexually excited just knowing that he was going to tease each and every one of them.

The look of fear on their faces always excited him and he enjoyed shackling them and taking what he wanted from their bodies. He never felt as if he violated them as they willingly gave themselves and actually begged him to fuck them.

MASTERHis tight white riding trousers showed the outline of his erect cock and this was so exciting to his women that they would actually fight to get a taste of him. They wanted his riding crop to grace their asses and they so enjoyed being owned by him.

He enjoyed licking and sucking on their sweet nipples and he enjoyed watching the strap on play before him. He got so damn hard watching the woman fuck each others asses and he couldn’t wait to bury his own cock in a tight ass.

He had his favorite bend over and he shackled her hands and feet which made her bend over and spread for him. He walked around in front of her and he snapped his fingers.

She raised her head and unzipped his riding trousers and his cock sprung free. She knew she was to suck his cock and suck the cum out of him like she was using a straw. He spread his legs giving his balls room for play.

She massaged his taint and balls and stroked his cock as she took him deep into her mouth. He began to spank her ass with his crop and as he began shooting his cum into her throat he increased the use of the crop on her ass.

She licked him clean and that made him hard again and then he fucked her wet pussy bringing her to multiple orgasms. Once he was satisfied that he had brought out every orgasm within in for that minute he then fucked her sweet ass.

Once done, he unshackled her and she bathed him, dried him off and dressed him. She then served him a lovely meal and then he retired to his private drawing-room and smoked his evening cigar. He was quite pleased with himself and was fantasizing about what he would do for his late evening fun.