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He was the best dressed gentleman in the  room and this was nothing uncommon in  the least. His suits were all tailor made as were his shoes, ties, dress shirts and boxer briefs.

He was a lover of lingerie, he loved to see a woman in it, he loved the feel of it and he loved the smell of a woman’s scent on the crotch of her satin and lace panties. The thing he loved most about lingerie was wearing it and the feel against his skin.

He had a deliciously naughty secret that no one but he knew about or at least that is what he had thought. He walked into the boardroom and the feel of the satin against his cock made him so fucking excited he couldn’t concentrate on that mornings meeting.

He had spent the evening wining and dining a new lady and like all of the rest all it took was a ride in his limo, a good meal, a bottle of Champaign and she was dropping her panties for him.

It didn’t matter what race, religion or nationality they were all the same, these ladies were all so fucking easy. They sucked his cock at a snap of his fingers and they bent over for him to shove his cock into without hesitation.

Last night had been no different but as with the rest of them they had been none the wiser. He always took them to a lingerie shop and bought them new under garments before they went to his penthouse.

They would always drink too much and that always made them relax rather quickly which made things even easier for him. He would kiss them, rub their titties and then go down to their crotch.

He would rub them into orgasm and let their panties catch that orgasm for his pleasure later. He then had them suck his cock and then he would fuck their pussy then their ass.

He then ordered them to shower and to change into the new lingerie he had purchased earlier for them. They were then told to model their new lingerie for him which made them forget about what they had originally had worn.

When he had his fill of entertainment he sent them home in his limo with false promises of contacting them again. He was excellent at telling them they were wonderful and he had a great time, when in fact he couldn’t wait to send them on their way.

His only true interest was chewing on the crotch of their panties and then wearing them along with their bras and stockings. He loved the smell of dirty stockings and panties and he didn’t know which he loved more.

He would lie in bed and run their stockings over his cock and then masturbate into them. He would slide the panties over his hard cock and rub his balls with them and once again shoot another wad.

He pulled out his office custom-made chair at the head of the mahogany table and he pulled himself up to the table and rubbed his cock as he did so. It was such a turn on wearing used ladies undergarments and the feel, well the feel was indescribable.

The meeting seemed to drag on for what felt like hours and he actually had to excuse himself twice because he needed a few minutes to masturbate because he had gotten so excited.

He returned to the table and wrapped up the meeting finally and he was left to his own devices which pleased him immensely. He was able to sit back in his office and fantasize about walking around in ladies bras, panties, garters and stockings and yes cross dressing was so fucking hot to him.

He had gotten so lost in his fantasy that he was totally unaware that he had company in his office. She cleaned the bathroom and his office and she watched him rub his cock and slowly pull it out and start to masturbate.

This made her so excited she walked around his desk and took his cock in her hand which shocked the shit out of him. She told him that she needed release and it was all his fault that she had gotten so excited.

She ordered him to stand up and removed his jacket and undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and removed the items. She saw that he was wearing a bra and she ordered him in no uncertain terms to remove his shoes, sox and trousers.

She was a no-nonsense woman and she told him he was to parade in front of her showing off the lingerie he had on. His bulging cock really got her going and she ordered him to get on his knees and suck on her clit until she exploded.

He did as he was ordered and when she did explode she squirted all over his face and she ordered him to lick her clean. She then ordered him on his back and she rode him like the stud he was until he shot his hot cum into her sweetness.

She then ordered him once again to lick her clean and he did this with gusto and such delight. She then slid her panties back on and sat on his cock rubbing herself on him and this was such a turn on to him because this woman took what she wanted.

She wasn’t one to give him what he wanted so much as she took what pleased her and if he got pleased then he was lucky as she frankly didn’t give a fuck about his pleasure. This woman was the type of woman he wanted, not the socialite bitches that he usually ended up with.

She was a hard-working, ordinary woman who had more going for her than anyone he had met in a very long time and he wanted her, he wanted the woman who commanded him and excepted his kinky side.

He wanted the woman who asked for nothing and didn’t ask of him but took from his body what she chose to. She was the woman who enticed him, excited him and forced him to show himself to her, this was the woman he would give the world to and die for but would she accept him?