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He had traveled constantly and he lived out of a suitcase and hotel rooms. He never let himself get to comfortable in any one place to do so would be to commit himself and he wasn’t about to do that.

He had lived on four continents and he was more at home in his private plane than he was anywhere else. He never invited women into his private space because he didn’t want their perfume on his furniture, he didn’t want a reminder of someone he would never see again.

He just needed the physical release as most men did but he didn’t want to have an emotional connection with any one of the women that he entered with latex on. He never took any chances and refused to spill his seed in any of his cheap tricks. 

The women were all the same, they saw his face as handsome and they could tell by the way he dressed that his wallet was full. So many women saw a perfect opportunity to further themselves through him and that became their goal.

He would fuck them but his mind was on another, his mind was on the woman who was exciting to him. She required nothing of him nor did she want him to do a damn thing for her and that was the woman he wanted.

He knew that the red string of fate was tied around their wrists even though it was invisible. He played games with her because he wasnt sure if he was ready to face her and to show his true self to her.

He found himself loving a woman he had never met but he did know one thing he was going to have her. She was not like all of the others and that was what made her so enticing, so damn exciting.

What he didnt know was she was finally ready to give herself to a man, not only mentally but physically. She was in the market for the right man to open herself up to and she wanted the smell of sex on her again.

She wanted to feel the warmth of another body and the safe feeling of spooning with another. She wanted to have wild, passionate sex and then lie back and laugh and fall asleep in the arms of the one that made her feel happiness.

She had recently been chatting with several different men that she found interesting and she really liked on in particular but he never had the time to meet her and wouldn’t show himself on skype.

She decided to chalk him up as a player and yes she would chat with him but she had decided to work on the other relationships she had started. She was planning on meeting two of the men later in the week and seeing how the chemistry was.

He had no idea how she really felt, that she really was tired of the games and she was working on finding someone else. He was so damn smug he thought she would wait forever but he was so wrong, so very wrong.