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He was overtaken by his own desires to be feminized and he was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish that. He enjoyed the feeling of ladies clothing and he so enjoyed being of service to a woman.

He was an impeccable housekeeper and being a man he also had the ability and talents to do “manly” things. He could do home repairs such as drywall, painting, electrical (minor), yard work ect.

He had married but that ended up in divorce because she just couldn’t or wouldn’t except him and his desires. He was no freak but in her eyes he was a total loser because he enjoyed being feminized.

He had to be so careful because he was respected in the community and had to keep his desired hidden from the world. He finally realized the only way to get fulfilled was to meet someone online that lived at a distance but not to far.

He was a very intelligent man and he respected her for the strong woman she was and they had a need for what each other offered. She wanted a sissy and he wanted to be sissified or feminized.

He wanted her to  tell him what to wear, how to maintain his body, give him chores and home repair jobs. In return he would keep her home immaculate and help her learn computers as he was a professor of computer technology.

Her desire was to build a friendship and one day use a strap on and he wanted to be the one that she experimented on. It was not a sexual relationship for her, no it was going to be a relationship that allowed her to live out her fantasies.

He had asked her how she felt about a man wanting to be feminized and she told him that she didnt have a problem with it. What was the difference between her and him as she was a domme which is in essence was being quite “manly” in many ways.

She also knew with the right man she could put down her “domme” hat and share a relationship that was pleasing for both of them. She could be just as feminine as she could be masculine and this had made her life difficult at times.

She needed to have male friendships in her life and she needed to feel a male between her thighs once again. It was pretty simple, she loved men and she didnt care if they were feminized or strong men in general.

She could not have a relationship with a man who wasn’t strong, successful, reliable, respectful, intelligent, sexy, romantic, caring and loving. She just couldn’t seem to find that man even though she had thought she had.

She wasn’t looking for love she was looking for laughter, happiness, a connection, someone she could rely on and trust. She needed a man’s man but that was like finding a needle in the hay stack.

She knew he was out there and they had an undeniable connection but until he could move past his own insecurities and meet her there was nothing she could do but to keep looking for someone local that cared enough and offered her at least some of what she needed and wanted.