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She had reached the point in her life that she was ready to put her past behind her and move on. She had allowed herself to get infatuated with someone who just loved to play games with her head.

She finally was moving forward and she had started to date again and that helped free her of her own shackling and chaining. She could no longer allow herself to let her fantasies control her or live for someone who just wasn’t man enough to show himself to her.

She began to look elsewhere for male companionship and she found two gentlemen that were very good prospects in her opinion. Both were extremely handsome, physically fit, intelligent, worldly and financially as well as emotionally stable.

She had spoken at length with both of them and had dinner with one of them the night before and she thought him to be very enticing. She was to meet the other one on the weekend and this was not something common to her.

She never dated more than one person at a time because she was a one on one type of person. She had realized that only seeing one person at a time was not something that would be beneficial to her so she decided to open her world up and date several men.

The previous night she had met the first gentleman downtown and he did was most men do, he brought her flowers. Roses, white roses and a dozen of them and she thought to herself “what is with white roses?”

She wasn’t a rose type of woman no she was very simple, a bouquet of wild flowers made her happy, not roses as they were just to damn pretentious. She took the flowers and thanked him but she didn’t act like most women do. Most women would gush all over the man but not her because she wasn’t impressed in the least.

He did all of the right things, opened doors, pulled out her chair, asked her if she would care for more wine ect. They had a very nice dinner and he was smart enough to know that a quiet corner in a lowly lit restaurant was the way to approach her.

They ate and talked for quite some time and when they were ready to leave he asked her if she would like to go to the casino She enjoyed his company and off they went to the casino.

They played a bit of black jack and she told him she wasn’t much of a gambler and preferred to sit and get to know him better. He took her by the hand and led her to his private suite.

He offered her an aperitif and some chocolate as they got to know each other better. He finally let her know that he was one of the owners of the casino and that is why he had a suite there.

He didn’t want her to think that he had gotten a room so he could have a place to fuck her and send her on her way. She told him she had enjoyed the evening and that she would like to see him again and of course he said yes.

The chemistry between the two was smoldering and quite undeniable and she knew he was excited by her. When he moved in close to her and kissed her she could feel his hard on through his pants.

This aroused her so and she had actually thought about taking some from him but she knew that doing so would place her in a cheap piece of ass category. She had secretly wondered if he would enjoy some hot wax play but she didn’t think it appropriate to ask him if bdsm was in the cards for him.

She had just bought some new wax with lanolin and she knew it would feel so good on his body if he let her do wax play. She had this burning desire to lick and suck his cock and then entombed it in wax.

She thought wax play was so erotic because the body couldn’t distinguish between hot and cold in the same place. Dripping hot wax on the body and then holding ice in her hands and having the cold droplets hit the body was such an intriguing sensation.

She liked to use the wax that they used in salons because it did make the skin so soft after removal. So many women used the wax on their hands and then had it peeled off. She found dripping it on a cock was exciting as fuck and men loved it once they experienced it.

She got so caught up in her own fantasy she hadn’t realized that he had been talking to her. She wanted so badly to ask him if bdsm was something of interest to him but her own husband had made her feel like a freak when she tried to engage him.

She ended up keeping her fantasies to herself because she knew in her heart that this man was strictly vanilla. She also knew one day she would meet the one man who enjoyed her type of play as much as she did.

He asked her if she would care to go out again with him and she reluctantly said yes. She was hoping the next date in a few nights would be different. She hoped to find the one that would play the type of play that she enjoyed but she could only wait and see.