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He had been so dominant with her and that really excited the fuck out of her as weak men where nothing but play things to her. She enjoyed the dominance of the male species and he was definitely dominant.

He was so damn attractive, intelligent, had a great body and he was actually everything she was looking for in a companion. He was outrageously funny and sensual and it had been a damn long time since she had met anyone that made her want to drop her proverbial panties right then and there.

They had a great time as they went to the auto show earlier in the day and then they saw Kinky Boots, which made for a great day and evening. They had a great lunch at Greek Town and then a wonderful dinner.

He kept her entertained every minute and that was a first for her. She had chatted with other men that kept her entertained but this man, well he was different he was special and so exciting.

She had never met anyone that attracted so much and something about the connection was unique and quite different. It was strange how he just knew when to touch her and exactly where.

He would take her hand at just the right moment or put his hands on her waist to guide her. She felt so comfortable with him and she knew that he liked to play as she did when he let the word vanilla slip on several occasions.

She slowly began to bring up bdsm in a round about way and his responses made it perfectly clear to her that he was in the lifestyle. This alone made her want him even more and the attraction was so strong neither could deny it.

When he kissed her their lips melted together as if they had finally arrived home and it just felt right. When he placed his hand upon her breast it didn’t feel foreign in the least bit in fact quite the opposite.

They were sitting in his car and they made out like two teenage kids as they groped each other and practically ended up having sex in the front of seat of his car. She wanted this man so badly but not like this.

She asked him if he would like to attend a bdsm party with her and he said yes. She grabbed her “toy” bag and her clothes from her car and off they went. They arrived at the party and she introduced him to some of her friends and then she went off to change.

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She returned and they sat and nibbled on veggies and dip while they chatted with her friends at the table and those that stopped by to welcome her. Her female friends were admiring her date and she just sat back and smiled as she knew he was with her.

She asked him if he would like to play and surprisingly he had agreed. She tied his arms and legs to the poles and then she placed the blindfold over his eyes. She began to run her fingernails over his body as she whispered into his ear.

She told him that she was going to give him so much pleasure he would explode right there in front of everyone and he smiled that little smile that says “o ya make me cum”.

She stood in front of him and inhaled his cologne as she slowly undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled down his zipper and then she bent down and removed his shoes and pulled down his pants.

There he stood in nothing but a black thong looking every inch of nothing but hot male. His ass was sweet for someone his age and his body was muscular and quite attractive as well.

He actually appeared to be about thirty five when he was fifty five. She took her knife and ran the top of the blade over his skin which gave him the shivers. She gave him butterfly kisses all over his body then she kissed him hard on the lips.

The effect of being blind folded and feeling all of the different sensations had really made him hard and when she kissed him he knew he was now owned. She was an erotic woman who excited the fuck out of him.

One kiss turned into many as she ran her hands all over his body including his clothed cock. She kissed his neck and chest and slowly worked her way down his body until she was on her knees.

She then ran her mouth over his clothed hard on and then she worked her way back up his body. She had made him crazy with desire and he wanted her so badly but she had made it clear that there would be no sex, at least for that evening.