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He tried so hard to keep her attention and then he realized that he was seriously scared shitless to let her get close to him. He knew if she got to close that he would melt like an ice cube on a hot stove.

He had avoided her because it shook him up to know that she might actually reject him and he wasn’t prepared to deal with rejection. He knew that it didn’t matter what he gave her or anywhere he may take her could make her stay interested in him.

He thought of himself as the ultimate alpha male and had learned from an early age that controlling women was what was to be expected in a relationship. It was part of his culture to be the all “male” and the woman would fall inline.

This is how his marriage was ran for many years but that changed because his career took him away from his family so much. His wife had no choice but to wear the pants and the dresses and when he was around she stayed as much in charge as when he wasn’t around.

This bothered him tremendously but he stayed in the marriage regardless of how unhappy both of them had become. Then one day while surfing the net for “net pussy” he ran across her.

That was six long years ago and he wanted her but he also wanted his freedom to fuck other women. He knew he could not have her and play the catch up on pussy game so he tried to push her away.

He finally had succeeded as she had met a guy that was everything she had been looking for her entire life. When he told her they weren’t good together all he was doing was pushing her away but he hadn’t realized she was already long gone.

She no longer cared about anything to do with him and in her eyes he was so immature he couldn’t have a friendship with her. A real man, a secure man can have a relationship with a woman even if she refuses to be a cheap fuck for him.

She had spent the last three days thinking of nothing but wild sex with the one that had drawn her in like a moth to a flame. He was so fucking hot he made her crazy just thinking about him.

When they kissed they needed to have a fire extinguisher close by because they were totally combustible. Yes, the chemistry was undeniable and seriously smoldering and she really liked this guy.

She had really liked the alpha male but he had serious issues that needed to be checked and she wasnt in the market for anyone that was confused about their life, couldn’t handle a simple male/female relationship and refused to be totally honest to themselves.

Basically he had told her he didn’t want to be involved with her which was fine as she was really into her new guy. What she really liked about him was he was super secure with himself, he was definitely alpha to the point that he could have been a poster child for serious alpha. 

He had it together in all the ways that meant anything to her and the other alpha male would just have to move on. She would have enjoyed a real friendship with this man but he was so damn fickle. 

She spent way to much time fantasizing about what she was going to do to him the first time they had sex. The beautiful thing was she had the snatch and she controlled it with an iron fist.

She kept remembering how his cock felt through his boxer briefs as he stood before her blind folded at the party. It was such a turn on that he was so secure that he let her do what she wanted yet he knew he was still the man in the relationship.

A real man knows that he doesn’t have to let anyone know that he is in control because he already knows it and that is enough. He never wastes time trying to prove himself to anyone because how he carries himself says it all.