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He held the door open for her and followed behind her with his eyes focused on the floor. Being owned didn’t allow you the respect to look around. She held onto the leather strap that was clipped onto his custom-made leather collar.

She had his initials placed on the collar as a reminder that he was owned by her. The initials were his first name initial and her last name initial. He had a pierced ear with a lovely yellow topaz stone placed nicely in the center of his ear lobe.

She was a scorpio as was he and she was into astrology and believed strongly in the alignment of the stars and Mercury retrograde always kept her on alert. She was an intelligent domme’ and so many people found her to be damn delightful and some found her to be an odd duck as well.

He followed her to the table and pulled out her, removed her coat and stood waiting for further directions. She told him to hang up her coat and to return to the table and he did as he was told.

She then ordered him to remove his clothing except for his boxer briefs. He had a beautiful body because she had him hypnotized to work out and to eat properly and to take care of himself.

He went to the men’s room and removed his clothing as she had ordered him to do . He had been given a small carry on piece of luggage to place his clothing in once he had folded it properly.

He had brought in her carry on as well which held all of her toys and he placed both cases against the wall out of her way. She ordered him to get her a plate of food and he knew exactly what she liked.

She was big into healthy eating so carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, grape tomatoes and cucumbers were placed on a plate and the food was placed in such a way that it looked balanced in weight and size surrounding the ranch dressing for dipping.

On a separate plate he placed a roll, two pats of butter, three swedish meatballs and  three tablespoons of mashed potatoes. He knew she wouldn’t eat more than a mouthful of the food on the plate but he wanted to be sure that there was enough to keep her happy.

He placed the food in front of her and off he went to get her iced tea with splenda as she rarely drank soda any longer. She was a very healthy person and eating right and working out meant everything to her these days.

He returned to the table and placed the tea next to her glass and asked her if there was anything else he could get for her. She told him he had done very well and this made him extremely happy.

Knowing he pleased his mistress was all that mattered to him and when she was happy then he was happy as well. She ordered him to get himself some food and to bring it back to the table.

He did as he was told but he had yet to earn the right to sit at a table let alone sit at her table. He removed the small blanket that he had placed on the chair earlier and spread it on the floor next to her.

He knew he would be sitting on the floor and she didn’t allow his body to touch a filthy floor and so she required him to always brings a small throw with them when they left the house.

He sat on the floor and made himself comfortable and ate his meal as she had directed. He would often look up and see if her plate was empty or needed to be removed.

He saw that she had placed her napkin next to her plate which meant she wanted it removed. He got up and immediately removed her plate and took it to the kitchen and he got her another iced tea.

He replaced her glass with the iced tea and took the half empty glass to the kitchen as well. This annoyed her as he should have removed the glass and plate at one time but he was distracted by his surroundings he lost his focus.

She slapped his ass hard with her paddle that had holes in it and the sting he felt was apparent by the look on his face. She had a female guest sitting next to her and she was leaning close to his mistress talking into her ear.

They began to giggle and he stood there looking down waiting to see what he was going to be ordered to do. He knew by the giggle and the look on his mistresses face that he would have to perform some sort of duty for her.

She pulled him close and slowly pulled down his tight white boxer briefs and she removed the key from her pocket. She placed the key in the lock on his cage and removed the cage from his cock.

It always felt so strange to him to have his cock hang free as she kept his cock caged daily. She began to tell him his duty was to crawl under the table and service her friend with his tongue.

When he was done servicing her he was then to follow her into the coat room and fuck her. She stroked his cock as she talked with her friend and she massaged his balls making his cock throb with delight.

She then ordered him under the table and he crawled under and headed for her friends legs. He knew how to excite a lady and he slowly moved his hands up the inside of her calves and thighs.

He could feel her garters and he kissed the inside of her thighs as he pushed her skirt further up. He nuzzled the crotch of her moist panties and slowly moved the fabric to one side.

He licked her clit and tugged on it as he fingered her wetness. She was enjoying herself so much as everyone at the table could see. She spread her legs as far apart as she could under the table and he licked and sucked on her clit until she was slamming her hands on the table as she came.

Once he was certain that he had drained every ounce of energy out of her he came out from under the table and sat on his blanket. He waited for his mistress to take him by his leash and follow her.

He knew his reward was going to be fantastic and he lived to please his mistress. She had him follow her to the coat room and she closed the door behind them. She lifted her skirt and he could see her beautifully shaved pussy.

He couldn’t wait to taste her and fuck her but only if she allowed him the pleasure. She turned around and bent over the chair and spread her legs. She ordered him to fuck her and play with her clit until she came.

He loved the feel of her wet pussy and he loved the feel of her soft clit as well. He fucked her just how she liked it. slow at first and then faster and faster as he massaged her clit and made her cry out.

She then turned around and placed a condom on his still hard cock and she turned around again. She told him because he had performed handsomely that he could now fuck her ass.

He lubed her up real good and slowly entered her ass with the tip of his cock. He stood there as she slowly backed up onto his cock taking him inch by inch. This excited him to no end and when she finally had him all buried inside her she ordered him to move back and forth.

She told him that he was allowed to come at his own leisure and to take all the time he wanted. He fucked her ass and played with her nipples and then he shot his hot cum into the condom as his body shook over and over with each spasm.

Once finished she ordered him to the restroom to flush the condom and to return to the table. He did exactly as she had ordered and once at the table the guests complimented her on training her slave so well.

She had decided that she had such a good time that it was time to go home and make him take care of her in her own bed. It was a rare occasion but she did let her slave give her physical comfort once in a while and tonight was going to be one of those times.