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He had been born with a GIFT and that GIFT afforded him opportunities that most do not even dream about. He was talented and extremely attractive and that gave him everything most people want. He had been invited to spend time with kings, queens, the rich and famous and he even kneeled in front of before the pope. He had spent time with beautiful women and influential men and over the years he had turned into quite an egotistical fuck.

He thought of himself as the alpha male, all male and he surfed the net for more women that were submissive as all he wanted was to fuck them and walk away. He found these women to be of no further use or interest than a quick fuck and he always moved on and never let any grass grow under his feet. He had lost all interest in having a woman in his life as sex was all they were good for in his mind.

Then by surprise he found one woman that he wanted but she didn’t want him and that fucked with his mind. He had always been able to have anyone or anything he ever wanted but this woman was of a different kind. She knew secrets of life that most didn’t and she knew that material possessions meant nothing just as fame meant nothing as well.

She was nobody’s fool and she was intelligent, funny, outrageous, open, honest, sexual, sensual and everything in between and he found himself wanting her. He tried to fight his feeling but he couldn’t and he constantly kept tabs on her any way he could. He told her he only wanted to fuck her because he wanted her to reject him early on as he feared that his own heart would be broken in two.

She was so attractive in so many ways because she wasn’t afraid to show her insecurities as well as own them. She wasn’t ashamed of a damn thing she had done in her life and she knew that showing her weaknesses at times was to show true strength.

He feared this woman so as he knew he couldn’t buy her and he couldn’t use his fame to get to her as she was like no other woman he had ever met. What he wasn’t aware of his she knew what was best for him when he himself had not a clue. She knew he needed to fuck as many women as he could handle because he was denied such pleasures when he was young.

She knew that he would TIRE of the women and that he would want someone who kept his attention, someone who kept him mentally stimulated, physically stimulated and taught him things he had no idea about. This woman knew he was trying to push her away because he feared that for once, yes for once someone would push him away.

He was so afraid of getting hurt he tried to play reverse psychology on her and she just sat back and let him think he was the wiser. He needed to feel he had the upper hand and she was SECURE enough to know who had the real upper hand but let him think it was him. She had been through hell and back while he had every single wish of his fulfilled.

She knew what true happiness was and he had only experienced happiness through purchasing things and the newness of the item wore off rather quickly. He had fucked women that had interested him but even they became boring rather quickly as well. These days he actually found solace in masturbating on a regular basis as it gave him the release he needed.

He wanted the woman who had kept is attention for so many years but to tell her how he really felt would expose a part of himself that required being vulnerable and he wasn’t prepared to do that. He just could not bring himself to tell her how he really felt so he told her that he said ILY to her when he was masturbating. He told her this because he wanted to hear what her reaction would be.

She knew he didn’t love her but instead he loved the thought of her and how the two of them together could and would be. He loved the thought of a woman who would give him as good as he gave out and that was exciting to him. The only problem was that while he was playing mind games she had found someone who had grabbed her interest and she was enjoying the time with a new man.

The thing that really attracted her to this man was he was the ultimate alpha male and he showed it by his actions. He was strong enough to  keep her interested and he knew that giving in to her at times wasn’t about him showing weakness but instead it was showing his true strength. He knew that a strong man doesn’t always have to be in control and by giving and taking control at the right time showed the strength of the real alpha male.

She knew he wanted to fuck her as most men did as she oozed sex appeal like no other and men just went crazy when they were next to her. She was the type of woman who gave off the essence of sex even though she smelled like a beautiful flower. Men, SECURE men  adored her and wanted to fuck her and if they couldn’t then they were happy to settle to be her friend.

She was a rare woman INDEED and only a special man would ever taste her essence and that had been proven by her waiting for over six years to be with a man sexually again. She was finally in the MARKET for some sex but she wouldn’t settle for just sex as she required so much more from a man than a hard cock. Her current beau she had only  dated twice and there was no way she would fuck him even though she wanted to badly.

He kept her mind distracted and she now masturbated with him in her mind and thoughts of taking advantage of him kept her stimulated. She adored a true alpha male, not someone who thought they were an alpha when all they really were was an insecure little boy in a man’s body that was to immature to be honest with himself as well as her.

She had finally given up and she no longer had any interest in meeting her stalker and she surely had no interest in wasting time on teaching him what he sadly needed. His arrogance was another sign of his true weakness as was his abundance of the display of security as an alpha male. She had learned long ago those that act so self assured are usually the most insecure. She found him to be stuck on himself and he thought he was all that when the fact was he was nothing but a very lonely man scared to share his heart.