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Standing on the balcony wearing a see thru chiffon long nightgown that laced up the back, the warmth that came from the sunset as it melted into the edge of no return. He stood there an admired my nakedness under the chiffon night gown as if I wore nothing. He walked toward me and asked me to turn around. I did very slowly and my nipples were rock hard because I knew my lover always had a unique surprise for me. We shared the same desires in all walks of our lives, especially sexual. A perfect example of that is the secret little birthday surprise I had for him. We started our evening with a dinner party with friends and the dinner was exquisite beef Wellington, green beans and garlic, new potatoes mashed with white cheddar cheese and butter. The night was going to be fun and I had invited some friends my husband had never met. Almost everyone had decided to leave as not to be late to the theatre which left us and another couple I knew very well. We had a sitting room outside of our bedroom and that is where the other couple  adjourned too until I could prepare my man for the nights fun and games. 

The room was lit with apple spice scented candles and all of our various toys were laid out neatly in their own drawer. We went to get drinks and I blindfolded him with a lovely red satin tie and made him follow behind me as I guided him past the sitting room and into our bedroom motioning our guests to join us.  I had him lie face down on the bed and I tied his wrists and ankles to the bed, we had trust in one another but this was going to break the barrier shortly. I bathed his backside and dried him off and rubbed him with warm scented oil, I loved to rub the back of his thighs  where his ass and thighs united,  there was something hot about that small area where the thigh meets the ass that made me so excited.

I got so wet thinking about rubbing my nakedness up and down the length of his body. As I slithered up the inside of his well oiled thighs, I gently took each one of his balls in my hands and the tip of his cock in my warm, wet mouth. I had him turn over and still blindfolded I slithered up and kissed him deep and then slowly position my tender bud of pleasure over his mouth.As he began to suck on my clit, my friend Lana had gotten naked and began to suck his cock. He went crazy with delight as he had always wanted to have two women. Lana’s date York was sitting in the corner playing with one huge cock that I would enjoy soon enough. As the first quiver of an orgasm shot thru my body my lover was shooting his wad into Lana’s lovely mouth. He asked me if he could have a hall pass and I told him he had a hall pass every day of the week.

He asked me if I would kiss and suck Lana’s nipples and play with her clit and eventually go down on her while York fucked me. This was his fantasy and I gladly would fulfill such a request. A great sex life keeps people together and so we began to play. I massaged Lana’s body with warm oil massaging her breasts and belly as I worked my way to her clit. She sucked my nipples as he watched and started jacking off. Every move was slow and deliberate, York politely asked if he could join and my husband and York joined into the most awesome foursome of sex, titillating, erotic, pleasurable and so relaxing. We went into our walk in shower and the numerous jets up and down the walls hit our bodies like thunder bolts as if you prepare us for the next phase of our sexual pleasure. York was such a gentleman when he asked if I would “kindly suck his cock” and ass he sat on his naked ass and spread his legs, I got down on all fours and started licking the pre cum off his cock and playing with the underside of the head of his delicious member. I began to feel a tongue licking my ass and playing with my clit and then this big hard cock entering me with the expertise that a good lover has. He finally worked his way all the way into my ever tight pussy, grabbed my hips and drove his hardness deep into my wanting wetness. He hammered my pussy while I sucked on York’s ever hard cock and then I felt the wonderful feeling of my clit being vibrated. Lana was using the vibrator on me while my husband fingered her pussy and fucked me.