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Jacque sat at the table as I rubbed his crotch. He was a very attractive man, much younger than my lover and he had class as well. My lover wanted me to really enjoy this experience as much as he was going too, I unzipped Jacques’ zipper and he was wearing boxer briefs and of course those are a turn on themselves. I ordered him to stand up and I undid his belt and button on his pants and pulled them down slowly as I admired the huge bulge in his briefs. I removed his shoes and pants and ran my hand up the inside of his thigh as I started to unbutton his shirt. I removed his shirt to find beautiful muscular arms and a chest that was so awesome I had to run my hand slowly down it and  over his muscular abdomen to the top of his briefs. I worked my hand under the  elastic waste band and slowly began to work my way to the pleasure point I was seeking.

Yes, he was hard, hard as I have ever felt. I could no longer stand it, I had to remove his briefs and as I did my lover started to remove his shirt. I told him no, you sit and wait until I’m ready for you. He loved being told what to do in the bedroom and he loved the way I took control and made him follow my lead. I took several steps back and admired the body before me. His muscular chest was spectacular but his cock, his cock was huge, I had never before seen a cock so big and thick and I could not wait to taste him and feel him inside me. I walked over and took one of the pillows of the venetian davenport and used it to kneel on in front of Jacque. He had shock and amazement on his face as this was a new experience for him as well. I began to slowly lick the head of his cock and then the underside of the head and down the middle as I used my other hand to massage his balls gently. I then began to work my way up and down his cock with my warm, wet tongue and then I slowly took him into my mouth. His moans were making me wet as I thought of his cock inside me. He grabbed my hair with both of his hands as I went up and down on his cock and his moans got louder and he pulled my hair harder. I knew he was going to explode any minute and I decided it was time to stop giving him so much pleasure. I stood up and kissed him deeply and our tongues began to dance as if they knew each other forever. I stepped back and told him do not move  love, I have a special surprise for you. I walked over to my lover and demanded he stand up. He did so with relish and I began to kiss him slowly as I unbuttoned his shirt and undid his pants. I stepped away from him and asked him undress immediately and he did so.

His body was not as youthful as Jacques but he still had a fine body for his age of 50. He took very good care of himself and he was also a muscular man with a fine cock I must add, a cock that begged to be touched and sucked. I slowly turned and looked at Jacque and asked him if he would like to undress me, he didn’t say a word as he began to walk towards me. I ordered my lover to sit down in the chair but turn it around first so he would be facing me. Jacque was kind enough to bring the pillow over to me and dropped it in front of my lovers chair. Jacque began to kiss my neck and run his hands down my body and up under my dress, seeking the crotchless panty entrance to my  clit. He slowly used two fingers to rub my clit and then enter my wetness. I was loving every minute of this and my lover lifted the back of my dress and found my panties and literally ripped them off my body. He began to lick my tailbone and kiss my ass with passion and excitement growing within him. He slowly entered my rear with his finger  and then two fingers as Jacque began to take my dress up over my head and throw it aside. I was standing there in front of him with nothing on but my bra, garter belt and black stockings, he undid the back of my bra and by breasts sprung free from their confinement. He slowly took a nipple in his mouth as he used his hands to undo the garter belt from my stockings and then he slowly removed my garter belt as he began to  lick my other nipple. He slowly worked his way down my body with butterfly kisses until he was on his knees licking my left labia as he removed  my heels and stockings. He licked both labias and refused to go near my clit and this drove me insane. He slowly got off his knees and said to me ” madame you are very demanding but so am I my ma chere” he then told me to kneel on the pillow and suck my  lovers cock. I began to turn around to face my lover and Jacque forced me down so quickly I had to grab my lovers knees so as not to fall. My lovers chair was far enough back that I had to lean forward, putting my ass in the air to reach my lovers cock. Jacque told me to spread my knees apart and lick my lovers balls. As I began perform the duties given to me Jacque kneeled behind me and began to kiss my back as I was licking my lovers stiff cock up one side and down the other. My lover told me ” hon I am so grateful to you, I want to fuck you now, right this second”, I told my sweetheart, no we have along way to go yet and I proceeded to take his cock in my mouth. As I did so Jacque plunged into my ass with his enormous cock and he played with my clit as he fucked my ass. I was beginning to cum and had to remove my lovers cock from my mouth as I began to feel the sensation of orgasm. As I began to say oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Jacque pulled out his cock and removed his hand and stopped my orgasm before it had truly reached the point of no return. He got up and said ” get up and look at me”, as I did so he kissed me slowly and said “I’m thirsty, get me some water now” and I walked over to sideboard and got him his glass of water. He drank quickly until there was none left and he sat down the glass.

 My lover still in the chair said ” is that the best you can do” laughing his mischievous laugh and I turned and winked at him as I headed to a section of wall. I stood in front of the wall and waved my hand and the wall parted like the red sea. Inside was a lovers paradise, this was a  room for sexual pleasure at its’ best. Inside there was a swing and a stool in front of it with an envelope on top with my name on it, I picked it up and looked inside and found a note along with one hundred thousand dollars. The note said, ” to my dear, you have given pleasure beyond my wildest dreams and I do not give you this money because I consider you my whore, but instead because I have found that I am in love with you”. I had tears begin to well up in my eyes but


I knew I could not begin to cry until I had given my lover what he truly wanted. I used the stool to get into the swing, my legs went into straps as my ass tried to get comfortable enough to enjoy what was to come next. I called in the men and as they entered the door they were both hard as rocks and my excitement grew as I looked at their cocks. I told Jacque to get a chair and sit behind me and I told my sweetheart to kneel in front of me as I sat in the swing with my legs as far apart as they would go. Jacque asked me ” may I fuck your ass madame”,  and I told him that was exactly what he was to do as i ordered my lover to lick my clit and make me cum. I could feel a hard cock enter my ass as my clit was being licked and I sat  and enjoyed the astounding pleasure my body was feeling. My lover knew exactly what I liked and where the pleasure point was and I could no longer sit relaxed as I could feel my orgasm begin. I began to cum and it was such a strong orgasm I began to scream my lovers name and tell him to fuck me, fuck me right this second hun.  The orgasm started all over again as Jacque fucked my ass and my lover licked my clit, Jacque could hold himself no longer and my lover couldn’t either. He entered my wetness with the thrust of a dragster and he fucked me deep and fast, his cock loved to penetrate me and he thrust again and again as both men began to cum. One in my ass and one in the warm, wet center of my being. Both men fell back onto the floor exhausted with pleasure and I just sat in the swing and waited for the dizziness of pleasure to clear my head.  I finally freed myself from the swing and sat in  the plush chair that would be ruined from our body fluids but my lover would not mind. The swing is an awesome sexual toy that can bring pleasure to one, like they have never experienced before. The swing will forever be our toy of pleasure. All three of us entered the shower and washed each others bodies and Jacque was hard again, unbelievable how fast this man could get hard but then again he was a younger man then my sweetheart. Jacque asked permission of my lover and myself if he could fuck me and of course the answer was yes. My lover pushed a button on the ceramic tile and out and down came a chair, he gently picked me up and placed me on the chair as Jacque had a bar of soap and wash cloth he was soaping up, he washed my clit and pleasure entrance and then he used another soapy cloth to wash his cock and balls. He began to play with my clit as he kissed me and my lover watched with growing excitement and a glisten in his eyes. I was stroking Jacques’ cock and he entered me with a gentle push into my warmth and then he quickened his pace, I loved being fucked and two men, well this was an extreme pleasure for me, he played with my nipples as he fucked me harder and harder, deeper and deeper and he could not wait, his cock exploded inside me and he fucked me until his cock was going limp and then he exited. He apologized to me for my lack of orgasm and I told him it was fine as he finished bathing him and myself. All three of us dried off and my lover handed me a robe that had my name embroidered on it and he handed one to Jacque as well. We put on our robes on and walked out into the large room where we started. Jacque said ” sir and madame I truly enjoyed this day but I must depart as I have work to finish”, he began to dress quickly and my lover walked over to his pants and removed his wallet. He thanked Jacque for his time and handed him a large amount of bills for which shocked Jacque as he placed the money in his wallet. My lover walked him out and returned to look at me and say ” my love, my sweetheart, you are the only woman who has ever brought me this much pleasure”.